Winds prompt cancellation of burn out

— To be clear, as you know the burn they were trying to accomplish this morning was cancelled due to unfavorable winds. However, they are still looking for an opportunity and when it appears, they will try burning again. That could be today and it could be later in the week.

Just wanted to be clear it was only this particular burning window that was not good and they will look for another. You will be informed the same way if they try again.


Fire crews in the Methow Valley have cancelled a burn out near Loup Loup Ski Bowl due to "unfavorable winds."

"Just anted to be clear it was only this particular burning wind that was not good," fire officials said in an email to The Chronicle.

Crews may attempt the burnout using "ping pong" balls dropped from a helicopter and ground crews to create a low-intensity burn out.

Fire crews started a small test burn out about 11:16 a.m. to eliminate beetle-infested trees and jackstraw timber on the eastern edge of the Carlton Complex wildfires. But winds prompted burn out cancellation.

Fire officials said the burn out was to be a combination of aerial and ground operations.

In the aerial operation, "ping pong balls" containing potassium permanganate injected with Glycol. The chemical combination takes a couple minutes to ignite, officials said.

"They are not really ping pong balls, but they look like them," the email said.

On the ground, firefighters had water hoses pre-soaking the ground in the burn-out area.


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