Curlew Lake receives 80,000-trout plant

Three trucks haul in hatchery fish

Volunteers pump rainbow trout into Curlew Lake on June 3.

Bobbi Weller/Special to The Chronicle
Volunteers pump rainbow trout into Curlew Lake on June 3.

— The Curlew Lake Association planted 80,000 rainbow trout in the lake last Tuesday.

The fish came from the Spokane Hatchery, association President Bobbi Weller said.

The trucks backed up to the dock, got connected to a pipe that goes to the pens at the end of the dock, and deposited the fish into the four pens.

“There were three trucks that brought all of the fish,” Weller said. “We started out with beautiful weather, went through one thunderstorm, skies cleared again and we fed the crew.”

Another thunderstorm hit, “so, we all got wet at least once, and some of us twice,” Weller said, noting it was a “typical fish arrival day at Tiffany’s Resort on Curlew Lake.”

Eleven active association members helped, along with “senior supervisors” from the group and five cooks who supplied lunch.

Students from Grace Christian Academy in Republic joined to watch the process, “and the kids all got to take some feed in their hands and feed the baby fish,” Weller said.

The hatchery also supplied 155,000 catchable-size rainbow trout last week for Lake Spokane, commonly known as Long Lake.

Lake Spokane is the Spokane River reservoir west of the city, created by Avista’s Long Lake Hydroelectric Development.

Lake Spokane is traditionally popular for fishermen catching bass, crappie and perch.

The stocked trout will be about 8 inches long, state Department of Fish and Wildlife officials said.

The fish came from the Spokane Fish Hatchery and Trout Lodge in Soap Lake, the state said.

The fish are sterile and have clipped adipose fins, officials said.


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