Hoops for Hope succeeds

3-on-3 tournament raises $1,200

— Hoops for Hope proved a major success downtown with 29 teams helping raise $1,200 for the support center.

“I was so extremely pleased with how it all ended up,” organizer Naomie Boesel said. “Great positive energy all around from players, parents and spectators. Loved hearing how busy Okanogan Days vendors and town businesses were.”

Boesel was already compiling a list of things to do better for next year’s event.

“We are looking forward to working with the city of Okanogan and the Okanogan Chamber to make Hoops for Hope 2015 bigger and better next year,” she said.

“A huge thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers who made this event happen. Especially want to thank Omak Battleground for teaming up with us to bring our communities together and help embrace the love of basketball and youth sports in our wonderful towns.”

Online Facebook messages supported the event with positive reports.

“I thought you guys did a great job. It was easy to tell where the boys were playing and when. It was a fun environment and I know my boy had a blast. My boy asked if we could do it again next year before he was done with his games,” an anonymous message said.

“Thank you for organizing the Hoops for Hope tournament,” Polly Jones said. “This was really fun for our whole town. So cool to see so many people supporting this cause.”


Third-grade boys champion — Game Face with Jovan Mercado, Trent Williams, Damon Adkins and Kenny Bray.

Third-grade girls champion — Lil’ Sharpshooters with Alyssa Davis, Sedeaju Michel, Aaliyah Marchand and Raycee St. Pierre.

Fourth/Fifth-grade girls and boys division champion — ProStitch with Bradley Ingram, Chase Wilson, Grant Gillespie and Lane Fingar.

Sixth-grade boys champion — Omak Warriors with Reiley Davis, Aaron Black, Adam George and Jonathon Cate.

Seventh/Eighth-grade boys champion — TOG with Martin Grooms, Jason Truitt, Mason Morgan and Raven Boyd.

High school champion – Hoopaz with JJ Glover-Olynyk, Jesse Manring and Vanessa VanderWeide.

Adult champion – 3-way tie with:

Indian Vision with Morgan Fury, Jake Fury, Taylor Best-Kerr and Breanna Salas;

Go Spurs with Brandon Kohler, Daryl Squetimkin, Ashley Baker and Gabe Aubertin;

Game Time with Blake Marchand, Martin Abrahamson, Matt Jane and Heather Circle.


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