June 11, 2014- Letters to the Editor

Gun laws must be reasonable

It baffles ideologists’ 2nd Amendment proponents still don’t understand the obvious need for “reasonable” firearm restrictions.

The Isla Vista rampage has sparked renewed calls for immediate firearm purchase restrictions. CNN and Miami Herald Journalist Frida Ghitis recently wrote an opinion, “The Isla Vista shooter also had a history of mental illness.

“Still, like all the other mass shooters before him, he was able to build an arsenal as he planned his rampage. Things must change.”

The obvious parallel is even more baffling to 2nd Amendment proponents.

Yet according to the facts we now know not a single firearm proposal would have prevented any of these recent horrific events. The so-called reasonable laws being proposed are anything but.

While the Brady Center, Bloomberg, and others are quick to say nobody is trying to confiscate personal firearms, in reality their proposals lead to just that. The only real affect the new laws seem to offer is 10’s of thousands of formerly law abiding citizens becoming felons overnight.

The men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms must be looking down upon us with disdain. As they watch down upon us they must be supremely disappointed in the lot of us. How easy it must seem we are willing to squander some or our hard-earned freedom simply for the illusion of being safer. It is as though Frida Ghitis has completely dismissed the fact the Isla Vista shooter stabbed his first three victims to death and ran over others playing Grand Theft Auto with his new BMW. Why the fixation on his guns?

If magically all of the guns and all of the bullets just suddenly disappeared, is the Isla Vista shooter less dangerous or more?

Firearm hysteria has no place in a national discussion largely intended for grownups.

We have national mental health problem disguised as a gun problem.

It’s time to stop wasting time and put ideas that won’t help where they belong. We need to roll up our sleeves and get to work on the real issue, a much more complicated problem.

Chris Harlow, Brewster


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