March 5, 2014- Letters to the Editor

Carbon fee needs to be enacted

I’m writing in reference to your story “Frigid temperatures break century-old record Wednesday” published Feb. 6.

Talking about climate change makes me about as happy as getting a colonoscopy. But, believe it or not, the increases in the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases, driven primarily by carbon-dioxide (CO2) from our burning of fossil fuels, cause global warming and wacky weather.

The past decade was the warmest recorded. Although surface temperatures haven’t changed much in the last 10 years, deep ocean temperatures have increased dramatically — they take up 90 percent of the heat caused by global warming.

As air and oceans warm, glaciers and sea ice melt. The ice-free water is relatively warm, causing moisture and heat to escape to the atmosphere. That changes the heat balance between the North Pole and the Equator. And that drives the jet stream —usually high up in the atmosphere and with less temperature difference between the Equator and the pole — to weaken and take a wavier path, bringing down cold Arctic air into the lower 48, while Alaska stays warm.

We need to reduce CO2 emissions rapidly to restore Earth’s energy balance and avoid ocean heat uptake.

To do that, the best first step is a revenue-neutral carbon fee with a border tax adjustment and 100 percent dividend returned back to American households.

We can gracefully move to the post-fossil-fuel era.

Urge your representative to enact this legislation to stabilize our climate.

Alexandra Amonette, Richland

President Obama surrendering U.S.

In America’s centuries-long westward era, we pioneering oldsters have ventured everything to tame rugged frontiers.

Much was sacrificed, but more was achieved.

Through our struggles and exertions in this outback, we survived and grew with common sense, tempered experience and critical affordability. We seasoned survivors have rejected the extravagant debt-ridden bureaucracy for solvency.

Today’s invasive and parasitic bureaucrats forsook the lessons of history. They now seek to also impose on us western pioneers the wasteful standards of their burdensome ghettoes.

Pioneers are thrifty, low-tech and low-income — but our morality and quality of life surpass that of subsidized ghettos.

Using insolvent ghettos as a role model, bureaucrats use futile upgrades for trashed cities. Even worse, they create dependency on bureaucracy.

Their argument is simple: Right or wrong, do it our way or hit the highway.

They are seizing control of our autonomy, independence, privacy, resources, free choices and ownership.

Obama’s bureaucracy shackles the productive, leeches on the healthy, hinders the enterprising and stigmatizes the creative.

The bureaucracy bleeds producers and providers dry and subsidizes parasites and predators.

Enemy nations are invited to subsidize Obama’s bureaucratic debt and the nation’s entire net worth is sacrificed to hostile creditors. National captivity is our creditor’s only option.

To avoid bloodshed, Obama is surrendering all America’s weapons in advance.

Whose country was it?

Ward Hartzell, Twisp

Players touch reader’s heart

I’m writing after the boys and girls basketball seasons draws to a close.

I watched a lot of basketball this year – more than some, but not as much as others. But through all the games, one act stood out head and shoulders above all the wins and losses, outstanding players and teams. I can’t remember which team made the memory for me, but that’s not important. It’s what the team did after the game.

At the conclusion, the whole team walked across the court and went into the stands. They thanks the parents and fans for coming and following them through the season.

Too many things are taken for granted. But this simple act of saying thank you for being there stood out.

Dick Wristen, Omak


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