Sheriff investigates Bridgeport stabbing

Deputy pulls over vehicle for speeding, finds passenger bleeding

— A traffic stop for speeding late Monday night on state Highway 173 has turned into an investigation into a stabbing after a Douglas County Sheriff’s deputy found a bleeding male passenger in the car.

“It was just kind of a bizarre circumstance,” Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal said Friday. “You’re making what you think is a routine traffic stop, and someone’s been stabbed in the passenger’s seat.”

No names have been released because the case remains under investigation, Gjesdal said.

As for the female driver’s claim that the passenger – a Hispanic man – had fallen on a knife, Gjesdal said, “We’re skeptical, and we’re still investigating as to what actually happened.”

The deputy was patrolling the Bridgeport Bar area at about 11:09 p.m. April 28, in a 60 mph zone, when a vehicle heading toward Brewster sped by at 71 mph using four-way flashers, Gjesdal said.

When the deputy stopped the car, the woman told him her boyfriend fell on a knife and the deputy observed blood on the man’s shirt from a stab wound in his abdomen, the sheriff said.

“They go to hospital, and the deputy starts questioning them about this. The female and the male, their stories don’t jive about exactly what happened or where it happened,” Gjesdal said.

Checking the couple’s apartment on the 1200 block of Fairview Avenue, the deputy found more blood on clothing but not many clues to determine what happened.

“Apparently there had been some type of verbal argument between the male with the wound and some other person in that apartment complex,” Gjesdal said.

No arrests have been made.

The man’s condition was unknown as of press time Friday.


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