Do more than just send flowers

— All too often, we observe Mother’s Day with flowers, gifts and maybe a telephone call.

But if you talk to you mother, you’ll find spending time with her on this holiday weekend is more important to her than anything you can buy.

Lucky for you, Okanogan County has a plethora of activities to share with mom this holiday weekend.

Is your mother nostalgic about classic cars? Does she talk about the first car she owned or the first date she went on? Well, take her to the Friendly OK Car Club’s annual swap meet and car show for a trip down memory lane.

Maybe your mom’s more of a cowgirl. If so, take her to the annual Colorama Pro-West Rodeo in Grand Coulee or to ‘49er Days in Winthrop.

Colorama features more than just a rodeo – there is a midway, parade, music and old-fashioned, hometown fun. And at ‘49er Days, she’ll enjoy learning about the Old West with attractions that include horses, wagons, backcountry packing competitions and more.

Maybe she’s more inclined to enjoy an afternoon of pretty dresses, wine tasting and barbecues. In that case, take her to Oroville’s annual May Festival.

If your mother is more of an athlete, you can always join her in the fun runs at Colorama or May Festival. Both events have Saturday morning jaunts – the Colorama event includes an opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views from atop Grand Coulee Dam, the largest concrete structure in North America.

If your mom just enjoys a nice walk, don’t forget about the 31st annual Mothers Day Walk for Peace. At that event, moms on both sides of the U.S. Canada border will march and meet at the Oroville-Osoyoos port of entry.

Brewster, too, will have events to share with mom as the community combines Mothers Day and the Cinco de Mayo celebration into a parade, vintage car show, traditional Mexican dancing and much, much more.

Several other events – “The Wizard of Oz,” a doll show, food bank benefit, Trashion Show – also beckon.

Regardless of what you decide to do this weekend, you’re sure to be able to find something to share with your mom right here in the Okanogan.

Share an experience with her this weekend, instead of just sending flowers.


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