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Kokes still here

Fishing is good in Conconully

Kokanee were caught in the two bodies of water next to Conconully opening day.

The Chronicle posted online statistics from the state, which included a note about no kokanee checked at the Conconullies.

Gene Bussell at Liar’s Cove Resort said a lot of 12-18 inch kokanee were caught.

“And, of course, I did not see all of them,” Bussell said of the kokanee. “I seen more large carryover trout this year than in years past. Most were from 16 inches to over 20 inches long. I also seen several triploids about the same size.”

I saw recently that anglers were catching kokes dragging a flasher and Wedding Ring at 2½ colors at Loon Lake north of Spokane for 9.5-11.3 inchers.

Maybe that combination would work here.

Buffalo Lake on the Colville Reservation, where you will need a tribal license, was producing 16-inch rainbows and carryovers to 20 inches or more.

Walleye are biting on Lake Rufus Woods behind Chief Joseph Dam in Bridgeport, Spokesman-Review’s Rich Landers said.

Anglers were bouncing jigs or trolling Smile Blades with a Slow Death Hook and nightcrawler for fish in the 12- to 22-inch range.

Last Friday was Brothers and Sisters Day, celebrated by several Winter Olympics members including Sadie and Erik Bjornsen (cross country skiers) of Mazama.

There were seven sets of American siblings that competed in Sochi and one of five sister-brother pairings.

The others included Maia and Alex Shibutani (ice dancing), Erika and Craig Brown (curling), Arielle and Taylor Gold (snowboarding) and Amanda and Phil Kessel (ice hockey).

Team USA contacted the “Shib Sibs” a day before the special day.

“I’ve heard of National Siblings Day, and I know there are a lot of different things every day but we haven’t heard of [Brothers and Sisters Day] before,” Maia, 19, said. “But it’s something we are up for celebrating.”

A high-degree of trout and kokanee may well be flushed through Grand Coulee Dam with water elevation dropping to 1,231 feet as of Sunday.

The drawdown (1,235.20 feet), which is 31 feet below the same time as last year (1,266.30), will make room for heavy runoff expected in May, the Bureau of Reclamation said last week.

Fish are flushed out of the lake when a drawdown goes below 1,240 feet.

It’s not known how this will affect fishing for carryovers this winter, although if the runoff and runoff come quickly it might not be too bad.

The Lake Roosevelt drawdown will leave only

four ramps (at 1,231 feet) able to reach water: Spring Canyon (near Grand Coulee), Seven Bays, Keller Ferry and Hunters Camp.

Spring Canyon and Seven Bays downstream are the deepest launches on the 125-mile long reservoir.

Daily Lake Roosevelt level forecasts are updated at 3 p.m. daily at 800-824-4916.

Speaking of Grand Coulee Dam and fishing, there’s a couple places where you might want to possess fishing licenses from both the state and Colville Tribe.

The areas are Geezer Beach upstream from Grand Coulee Dam and the Sanpoil Arm of Lake Roosevelt.

And just because some of the area below the dam recently was reopened for fishing, there remain areas closed and clearly marked as such.

Anglers were cited April 19, 2012, at Geezer Beach due to traveling over tribal land to fish and a contention by a tribal officer, who said the tribe had jurisdiction to the middle of the lake.

The citations wound its way through the tribal court system before being dismissed at the start of the years without clearing up the problem.

There remain restrictions around structures and land below the dam, so anglers should obey those signs or be cited.

Cleaning Jasmine Creek and building a skate park were on the agenda of the Omak Park Board last month.

Greg Bennett followed up a September presentation by saying he would be contacting area schools to see if they would want to be involved in cleaning the creek, which is a juvenile fishing area.

The committee backed the cleanup, which was estimated at four hours with a loader and dump truck to haul away debris.

Nick Ferriell told the board of a desire to build a 10,000 square foot skate park in East Side Park.

The committee favors an 8,700 square foot park.

Ferriell, who said the current park is not user friendly, is trying to raise enough to build a permanent skate park within two years.

The Omak Mantarays Aquatic Klub is seeking a swim coach for the summer.

Applications are being accepted until May 23. They can be sent to Omak Mantarays Aquatic Klub, P.O. Box 1781, Omak, WA 98841.

The swim team board is also working on a swim-a-thon fundraiser, the practice schedule and seeking sponsors to help cover expenses.

The inaugural Mule Deer Foundation Banquet by the newly formed Okanogan Trails Chapter will be May 17 at the Okanogan Eagles Aerie No. 3004, 1820 Second Ave. N.

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