Auto racing returns to Republic

Roberts zips to two first place finishes

— The start of the Republic Eagle Track Raceway’s season was a groovy kind of day Saturday for the Everett Merritt Memorial.

“The track was a little bit muddy, but everybody wanted to use the bottom of the track,” track president Dan Stillings said.

The track being soft with the mud down low caused a few grooves to be created, Stillings said.

Prior to the races, the track was raised more than a foot by reapplying dirt flung into the infield, Stillings said.

“We blended it all in again,” he said. “We will grade it one more time and it will be right back in shape.”

The opener was a bit low on SuperStocks, where Omak’s Mike Roberts won the trophy dash and main event.

“Racing was great, in between minor rain storms. It made for really good racing,” Roberts said. “The track is in really good condition.”

There were five modifieds, mostly from Colville, and nine Fever Four entries.

“It was great, tight racing,” Stillings said.

The modified class saw the entry of 17-year-old Tiana Berkeley of Colville, racing a car Roberts also sponsors.

Last year, she was the Hornets class season champion.

The car count was 8 or 9 in Fever 4 and Modified, Roberts said.

“She did well,” Roberts said.

Dakota “Cody” Jones moved up a class to the Fever 4 class this year.

“Everett Merritt (of Republic) was one of the first people that got racing into this area,” Stillings said of the memorial sponsored by the Lee Gay Family.

“He got it going and kept it going,” Stillings said. “He was the announcer for years and president lots of times.

“He was a founder and helped move the track to where it is now.”

Next up is Canadian Appreciation Day, May 31, followed by another day of racing June 1.

On Saturday, the B.C. Street Stockers will bring up to eight cars to the track to compete in super stocks, which could bring the field to about a dozen racers, Stillings said.

“So, that should be a pretty good field,” he said of the stockers first visit to Republic.

Fever 4

Trophy dash: 1, Sieg Grunert. 2, Trevor Twamley. 3, Keith Jolin. 4, Dakota “Cody” Jones.

Heat race: 1, Sieg Grunert. 2, Keith Jolin. 3, Trevor Twamley. 4, Dan Stillings. 5, Dakota Jones. 6, Steve Russ. 7, Deven Johnson. 8, Bob Bradshaw. 9, Joe Waterfall.

Main: 1, Trevor Twamley. 2, Dan Stillings. 3, Keith Jolin. 4, Dakota Jones. 5, Sieg Grunert. 6, Steve Russ. 7, Deven Johnson. 8, Bob Bradshaw.

Super stock

Trophy dash: 1, Mike Roberts. 2, Dean Perry. 3, Darrin Metcalf.

Heat race: 1, Darrin Metcalf. 2, Mike Roberts. 3, Dean Perry.

Main: 1, Mike Roberts. 2, Darrin Metcalf. 3, Dean Perry.


Trophy dash: 1, Mark Weaver. 2, Brian Hobbs. 3, Jason Hanks. 4, Trent Twamley.

Heat race; 1, Mark Weaver. 2, Trent Twamley. 3, Jason Hanks. 4, Chris Ochs. 5, Brian Hobbs. 6, Tiana Berkeley.

Main: 1, Chris Ochs. 2, Jason Hanks. 3, Trent Twamley. 4, Brian Hobbs. 5, Mark Weaver. 6, Tiana Berkeley.


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