Tommy Creek area opens for firewood

— The Entiat Ranger District of Wenatchee-Okanogan National Forest is offering permits in the Tommy Creek area to residents in need of firewood.

Wood from trees cut down this summer as part of Duncan Fire suppression efforts is available there, Ranger Janet Flanagan said Tuesday.

"This is a good use of wood that might have burned in the Duncan Fire," she said, adding the downed trees have been stacked and is easily accessible.

“All of this firewood resulted from fuel breaks firefighters created on the Duncan Fire,” Flanagan said. “There is a lot of wood easily accessible just off a hairpin turn on the Tommy Creek Road."

The trees were cut down during fire suppression efforts along Entiat River Road. It has been stacked in a landing area on a spur road, No. 113, just off Tommy Creek Road No. 5605.

The permitted woodcutting area is 31 miles from town, or about an hour's drive, Flanagan said.

“Having the wood so close to roads made it possible for us to easily store the wood at this landing area, making it very accessible to the public," she said. "This is a win-win situation as it provides the public with a low cost way to heat their homes and we don’t have to burn it during our fall burning operations."

Flanagan said about 200 cords of wood are available.

For permit information, call the Entiat Ranger District office at 509-784-4700.


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