Cougar killed in Oroville

— The cougar that is believed to have killed several small pets north of town was killed last week.

Last week, Dave Sharpe, who was hired by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, shot and killed the feline.

In late September the state Department of Fish and Wildlife issued two-hound hunting permits for the cat following several sightings north of town. The cat was first sighted Sept. 22 in the Westlake and Summit Drive areas.

Oroville School District Superintendent Steve Quick later issued an alert to students who ride the bus in the area.

On Oct. 1, the Osoyoos Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment released a notice warning residents in the area to be vigilant when outdoors due to multiple sightings near the city of Osoyoos, just over the border from Oroville.

It is unknown if the cat Sharpe killed is the same cat that was sighted across the border, officials said.

In June, a cougar ventured into a rural Okanogan yard and killed a goat. The goat’s owner later killed the 4- to 6-year old male cat.


HoSch54 3 years, 9 months ago

Good to know pets in the area are safe now. Still, a cat killing cats ... there's an irony in there.


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