Home Economics award-winners named

— The Okanogan County Fair Advisory Board has released the following Home Economics competition results from this year's fair:

  • Pot holder – Maggie Tugaw, junior open, reserve.
  • Pillowcase – Teresa Newton, reserve.
  • Chocolate chip cookie – Skyler J. Booker, grand. Serena Smart, reserve.
  • Two-crust pie – Sarah Silverthorn, junior open, grand.
  • Apricot, canned – Jean Berney, grand.
  • Sweet cherries, canned – Jean Berney, grand.
  • Grapes, canned – Jean Berney, grand.
  • Pears, canned – Jean Berney, reserve. Colleen Tibbs, grand.
  • Asparagus, canned – Karla Stucker, grand.
  • Green beans, canned – Amelia Anderson, grand.
  • Beets, canned – Amelia Anderson, reserve.
  • Miscellaneous vegetables, canned – Amelia Anderson, grand.
  • Salsa, canned – Cora Lee Thompson, grand.
  • Beef, canned – Sherry Bodkins, grand.
  • Elderberry jelly p Charlotte F. Covey, grand.
  • Miscellaneous jelly – Charlotte F. Covey, pear jelly, reserve.
  • Dill pickles – Amelia Anderson, grand. Ellie Swartsel, reserve.
  • Peppers – Floyd Covey, pickled jalapeno peppers, grand.
  • Zucchini relish – Lesa Eiffert, grand.
  • Miscellanous vegetables – Charlotte F. Covey, pickled asparagus, reserve.
  • Dried apples – Charlotte F. Covey, grand.
  • Dried cherries – Carly Pillow, reserve.
  • Dried Peaches – Carly Pillow, reserve. Lilly Pillow, grand.
  • Jerky – Maggie Tugaw, junior open, grand. Kayden Tugaw, junior open, reserve.
  • Table setting – Dianna Suverly, junior open, grand.
  • Apricot jam – Yasmeen Quidwai, junior open, reserve.
  • Huckleberry jam – Yasmeen Quidwai, junior open, grand.
  • Doll clothes – Ruth Payne, grand.
  • Counted cross stitch – Amelia Anderson, reserve. Betty Cleveland, reserve. Amelia Anderson, reserve. Amelia Anderson, grand.
  • Sewing, apparel – Maia Deebach, junior open, grand.
  • Apron – Bettie Wehmeyer, grand.
  • Macine quilted – Lynette Westendorf, reserve.
  • Small quilt, machine pieced, hand quilted – Madison K. Koplin, junior open, grand.
  • Machine pieced, tied – Teresa Newton, grand.


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