820 (2015-426 Aug. 12, 19) Town of Twisp Request for Statement of Qualifications

(2015-426 Aug. 12, 19) Town of Twisp Request for Statement of Qualifications

The Town of Twisp solicits interest from consulting firms with expertise in Economic Revitalization Planning. Consultants will be considered for the following project.


The work to be performed by the CONSULTANT consists of preparing a master plan which assesses, prioritizes, and designs feasible projects of greatest impact for business and economic vitality for Twisp in preparation for potential implementation.

The purpose of the master plan is the creation of a document that details an infrastructure design and development strategy to revitalize and enhance business visibility, encourage economic development, and attract tourism to Twisp.


Propose design elements to unify and draw attention to the business area.

Propose projects to encourage and enhance business areas to be more pedestrian and consumer friendly, in support of business development and vitality.

Propose the integration of design elements to convey the arts and culture aspect of Twisp.

Design and create a uniform street lighting plan along the length of the business corridor within town to encourage pedestrian traffic.

Design for construction of artistic freestanding gateway structures, and propose their placement along SR20 and at the entrance to Twisp recreational facilities.

Design and propose placement of Way-Finding signage to and along the business and recreational areas within town, identifying town landmarks and area business locations.

Propose and design a plan to address need for additional/improved parking.

All proposals shall contain the following minimum information in the order shown below:

Letter of Interest and Introduction

Similar Experience: List the experience for the firm’s key staff proposed for this project. Provide detailed information, including references, on two of those projects that are considered to be very similar to this project.

Proposed Staff: List the experience and number of years with the firm for the key members of the staff proposed on the project (Resumes to be included as appendix). Also, include the experience of any subconsultant staff to be proposed on this staff. What experience has the team had together on other projects?

Demonstration of Understanding of the Project: List and describe briefly what you think are important issues on this project and what would be your approach for successful completion of the project.

Staff Availability: Demonstrate your ability to provide the proposed staff for this project.

Project Management: Who will be the project manager? What experience does the project manager have on design projects? Describe the project management approach to be used, including how costs will be managed and controlled.

Proposal Format: Please provide the above information in the order listed in an organized fashion. The total length of the proposal shall not exceed 20 double sided or 40 single sided, letter size pages and graphics shall be kept to a minimum (resumes will not be counted on the page totals).

Evaluation and ranking of consultants shall be by Town Officials based on written evaluation forms that rate each firm based on the above 7 criteria.

The Town of Twisp reserves the right to retain the services of the successful firm for any subsequent phases associated with this project.

The Town of Twisp encourages disadvantaged, minority, and women-owned consultant firms to respond.

Three copies of the SOQ shall be submitted to Twisp Town Hall 118 S. Glover St. Twisp, WA 98856 or mailed to Town of Twisp, PO Box 278 Twisp, WA 98856 (received) by 09/02/15 at 5:00 PM. No submittals will be accepted after that date and time. Any questions regarding this project should be directed to Jackie Moriarty, Clerk/Treasurer, at (509)997-4081.

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