Christmas Greetings writing entries - Fourth-grade

Joseph Richards
Home schooled

If I was one of Santa’s elves, it would be wonderful. I would get to see everyone’s gifts before they could.

Edward Mitchell
Virginia Grainger Elementary

It will be fun to be an elf. It will be fun to help Santa. I never saw an elf before. These are my opinions: cool, funny, creepy, scary. I wonder if it is fun being an elf or is it hard work for you guys. I believe it is hard work for you elves. You elves have to do chores for Santa wrapping presents for kids. Being an elf is awesome. Santa takes you places.

By Gisselle Salcedo
Virginia Grainger Elementary

Hello, my name is Gisselle. This is a story about how I became an elf. It all started on Christmas Eve. I was upstairs in my room reading a book. Then downstairs I heard jingle bells. Also I heard a ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! I never thought Santa would be in my house. So I went downstairs tiptoe tiptoe. Ho, ho, ho! Hello! What’s your name? I told him my name is Gisselle. You are Santa? Well of course he said. Wow, where do you live? Well, in the North Pole, yelled Santa. Will you help me? Do what? Well, let’s make toys for the kids all around the world. Like Africa, Asia, North America? I always wanted to go there. Yes, of course I will. Thank you, said Santa. So we made toys and painted – it was wonderful. He called me an elf. What’s that? Its kids who have pointy ears. They make presents every year, wow. So where’s Mrs. Claus? She got lost in the snow. She got lost and reindeers stepped on her. That’s how I became an elf.

By Cael Gillsepie
Virginia Grainger Elementary

I am William Green Sparke and I’m an elf that just got out of Elf College. I am hiding in a grandfather clock and I am in an elf secret agency. I make sure that kids aren’t naughty and then I report back to the North Pole. The hose I’m in, everybody gets coal! First of all, one kid gave another kid a swirly and another kid used his chemistry set to blow up the house! And the parents are just in the rocket ship. Santa isn’t going to believe me one bit. Oh no, the kid with the chemistry set is going to heading to the North Pole! I better go! Turn on the jetpacks, Charley Co-co Cane!

By Sadie Boettger-Grantier
Virginia Grainger

I woke up to the sound of a bell ringing. I got up and put on my green pointy shoes and my red and white hat. When I got the carrots out of the fridge, I heard the reindeer start making sounds. After I got done feeding, I went to help Santa. Let me tell you how I became an elf. First off, I was just walking around when I heard a loud crash. I followed the sound and to my surprise, I saw Santa and his reindeer stuck in the snow. I couldn’t believe my eyes. When I finally realized what was happening I went over and helped Santa and his reindeer out of the snow. Once I was done helping I heard Santa say “For all the good you have done for me, let me give something back.” “I don’t need anything,” I said. “Well, then let me take you to the North Pole.” My jaw dropped and I got in his sled and rode off to the North Pole. It turns out I liked it here, so now I’m an elf here to help Santa.

By Ricardo Arroyo
Virginia Grainger Elementary

I would like to be one of Santa’s elves because I can meet Santa myself. The other reason is because we get to make toys for children around the world. When Santa gets back, I get to feed the reindeer. After that, some elves get to take his suit off. Being one of Santa’s elves would be very fun and interesting.

By Riley Palmanteer
Virginia Grainger Elementary

Hello, my name is Riley Palmanteer and I am going to tell you how I became an elf. It all started one night. I was very naughty that year so Santa skipped our house. I decided I would make a deal with Santa that I will go to the North Pole on December 1. I will help make toys so Santa could gain my trust so Santa would not skip my house. And that is how I became an elf.

Alex Goetz
Virginia Grainger Elementary

Being an elf is fun. An elf does very tiring things. Some of those things are doing chores for Santa. But one chore I don’t mind is feeding the reindeer. It is fun because elves have magical power to talk to the reindeer so you can whisper whatever. Another thing I do that I enjoy is making toys. Why, you ask? Well, I like doing that because I’m making kids happy, and trust me who wouldn’t want to do that? One cool thing though is that you always dress kind of funny so that gives you a laugh. I wear green shoes with a pointy end and red pants with a green coat with gold buttons. But last of all, an elf loves, I mean loves, the snow! We make awesome forts made of snow. So that’s what it’s like to be an elf!

By Kruz Sumner
Virginia Grainger Elementary

One morning on Christmas Eve, I woke up and looked out my window and saw Santa’s sleigh parked in MY YARD. So I ran down two flights of stairs and saw Santa putting presents under my tree and in stockings. Then he spotted me and went up the chimney. So I ran out my door. I ran as fast as I could. Then as Santa was taking off, I jumped onto Santa’s sleigh and he took me to the North Pole. We were lowered down to Santa’s lair. When he looked down he saw two blue eyes staring at him. So then when we finally hit the ground, he took me to his office. On the way to the office, I saw so many elves that when we got to the office I asked him if I could be one of his elves. We stood there for a minute and then out of the blue, he said “absolutely.” The End.

By Darton Wood
Virginia Grainger Elementary

What would it be like to be one of Santa’s elves? First, I’m an elf. You have to do your job all day long. But you do get two weeks off. All elves love to build anything we can. You must be careful because if we break a toy we have to start all over. We sometimes make fun of people like you humans, but we DO NOT make fun of Santa. Well, I have to get going.

By Calum Weston
Virginia Grainger Elementary

December 25, 2015, 4 a.m.

Today is the best day ever, CHRISTMAS! I’m Calum the Elf. I have to work hard today, because I’m the dude who loads the sleigh. Today at least. Sometimes I go to get the letters for Santa, and sometimes I go to see who’s nice and naughty. “Keep working everyone.” That’s what Santa tells us on this day. But right now, I’m on an egg nog break with Mrs. Claus and the rest of the elves in the North Pole.

December 25, 2015, 12 a.m.

Hi, I’m back. We have finished our jobs and now going to the sleigh. “Ho Ho Ho” I’ll give you one guess for who said that! “Calum, come on!” Sorry, but I have to go now. I hope you enjoy hearing what it’s like in the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

By Ana Rosa Campos
Virginia Grainger Elementary

There once was an elf that liked to make toys for children that were nice. But one day Santa said to trade places with another elf. Santa said that he would take care of the reindeer and the other elves would make toys for the children. The elf didn’t want to take care of the reindeer. He only liked to make toys for children. One day Santa saw he wasn’t doing a good job, so Santa said that they can do their old jobs again. The elf was happy again making toys for children.

By Mariah Spencer
Virginia Grainger Elementary

I think it would be hard to be one of Santa’s elves. Being one of Santa’s elves would probably be hard work because you would have to make toys for children all over the world. But it would be very interesting to work with Santa and the reindeer. Being an elf would be a lot of work because you would have to feed the reindeer and make toys for kids all over the world. Being an elf would mean that I would have to wear different clothes, but it would be fun to work with Santa. There would be a lot of painting toys. Well, I am pretty good at painting, so it would not be hard to paint. It would be fun to work with other elves. So each elf would be equal, we would all do the same amount of work other than our days off. We wouldn’t do work at all because days off are days with no work. I guess sometimes we might work on days off if Santa needs us to do something like clean the sled or feed the reindeer and stuff like that.

By Aleena Lafferty
Virginia Grainger Elementary

It was a sad, white, snowy day when I heard something strange. It was weird, so I looked out my window to see Santa! I thought I was dreaming, but then I saw Dasher (my favorite reindeer). Santa said, “Come with me.” So I did without permission. It was an amazing view up in Santa’s sleigh. When we got to this jolly place he introduced me to Mrs. Claus and called me “Shorty” (I think because I was short to the elves). I got to see them make toys and be happy. That night Santa said “You’re an elf now, Shorty!” I couldn’t believe my ears. “You go to bed now and get a good night’s rest,” he said. So I did. That day I worked everything I could off. I like being Santa’s elf. Merry Christmas!

Gabby Lyons
Virginia Granger Elementary

If I were Santa's elf, I would like to build toys. It be would hard.

I would be building with other elves. If I could build toys, it would be fun. I would all so be excited to make toys. If I could say something about toys, they are cool in many ways. They have cool colors and they make me feel happy in many ways.

Well, Bye.


By Bode
Virginia Granger Elementary

Hello there I will be talking about if I were an elf. Why do people like elves? I do not know. I like elves because they train reindeer.

First of all, I will tell you what it would be like to train reindeer. If I were to name a reindeer, I would name it Alex. I would like to teach them to fly. I would teach the non-flying reindeer to race. Of course, we would have to teach them not to go to the bathroom inside.

Lastly, I hope you liked it and I hope you guys pick me. For the last time, do elves hide in plungers?

By Ulysses Duarte-Flores
Virginia Granger Elementary

It would be cool to be Santa's elf. You can see all the reindeer and the most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph. You can see Santa and Mrs. Claus and the rest of the elves. Because you can see what they do all day. See how they make the toys, you can see jf it is so hard to make a toy. How does Santa make the reindeer fly?

Nobody knows how Mrs. Claus makes her cookies so good and what does Santa do all day? Does he sleep all day and does Santa help the elves? What do the elves do all day, but everybody knows that they work. Nobody knows because we don't see them all the time. Nobody knows they might clean up after the reindeer and how they make all the toys, and what do they do when Santa is gone for Christmas? I think they sleep all the time and the next day they have a big party!

By Lane
Virginia Granger Elementary

Hello my name is Marty. I can't wait to work for you, Santa. Right when Santa left I asked all the elves if they wanted to help me rebuild Santa's sleigh. It would be a surprise! I would build a slant in the front so it would look good and also so it would go faster. I would also rebuild the back with extra space for the present. Also, I would put in more efficient controls. One control would be an emergency button, which would activate thrusters incase the reindeer run off.

Once Santa gets hear I hope he likes my surprise!!

By Jasmin Ramos
Virginia Granger Elementary

This is what I would do if I was Elf and Santa was not around. First of all, of course I have to have a little party with elves and reindeer. Plus maybe listen to some Taylor Swift songs. Also we will dance all night and invite some friends, like Denisse and Alyssa and also Sydney. By the way, another thing that I would do when Santa is not around is feed the reindeer some candy canes. I've fed them candy canes once and they loved it, but Santa doesn't like it at all. Another thing that I would do when Santa is not around is what I basically what I do every day wrap presents. But I only do it when I am bored.

THE END!!!!!

By Alyssa Evans
Virginia Granger Elementary

Oh, a ... Hello. I didn't see you because I was eating some '" uh ... stuff.

Yeah, yeah. Stuff. Oh, you're - uh - still here ... Anyway, I bet you want to know what I would do, what I would feel like, and what I might have if I were Santa's elf. Well, that's basically why I'm here.

So what I would do, well, I would probably make toys. The toys I would make ... lizards, animals, stuffed animals, big, huge, soft, squishy, plump, chubby Teddy bears. Also, I would play in the snow, of course ... and I would make snowmen, make snow angels, make tunnels, make forts, have snowball fights ... (I would win the snowball fights.) And I would do much more in the snow.

Also I would eat. And I mean EAT! I would eat nummy stuff, like cakes, cookies, milk, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, steak, and much, much more.

Now what I would feel like. Well, I would feel very happy because I would be living with Santa! I would feel cheerful too because I would be with all my friends. Also, I would feel special because I am an elf!

And I would probably have awesome shoes, and clothes and hats. I would have jobs, of course. And I would probably have fatness.

Ho! Ho! Ho! That is what I think that is what it would be like to be Santa's elf.

By Sydney Summers
Virginia Granger Elementary

Hi ....... So ... oh, I didn't see you there. You're like invisible. Are you still there? Okay. I'm an elf, and I am going to tell you what it is like to be Santa's elf.

It is super-duper, lemon-Iuperfun! Making toys for the kids in the secret base of .... WOOD WORKS!

Also ... oh, I love saying this - wrapping presents in wrapping paper-oh, I can't say it-woods!!

Ha ha ha! Here's another one. Helping Santa Claus fill his bag full of presents at - Oh, I love this one - Buckin' Barn! Oh, I love it! Oh, and this one is not the best. It is really stinky. Cleaning up after the reindeer. Oh, this one sounds like a song. "Clean it up. Shine it up. Oh, yeah!" That's what is super-duper, lemon-luper, fantastically fun I! I

The activities I would like to do - wait! What was I talking about? Oh, yeah! What activities I would like to do. Go to the - oh, this one is fun - underground -I can't say itl It's so, so, so fun - gym.

There, I said it! Also - oh, you've already heard this one. Making toys in the secret base of Wood Works. Plus helper - wait. I messed up. Help to go through the letters from the kids in I.h.p. Thanks for - oh, I messed up again. Thanks - oh, it's just so hard to say - bye! Well, thanks for reading about being Santa's elves. The End

By Tayler-Rae Lee Fleck
Virginia Granger Elementary

"Hey Santa! The lights went out!" said the head elf Ginger Snap.

Who am 17 I'm Snowflake White, and you ask why did the lights go out? WeIl...There's a huge blizzard outside. It almost blew down the candy cane crystal. At least we put the reindeer in their beds.

"Put up the Christmas lights," said Santa.

"But the lights are missing," J said.

So we went to bed early. I lay in my bed, gazing up at the ceiling. I flipped on the switch on my bed stand. The ceiling became see-through. I watched the snow and sleet pour down on the shop. I suddenly felt tired, so I went to sleep.

When I woke up, I was soaked with the light ofthe sun. It's Christmas Eve. We are putting up the tree for Christmas. When I went out, every elf was looking for the tree."

"We can't find it," said the gingersnap.

"First the lights, then the tree," I mumbled.

The blizzard was now gone. Only a little snow was on the ground. I walked outside. I kept walking and saw someone taking the candy-cane crystal! So I started running toward him and saw that he had the lights, presents, and the tree!!!

So I took them and told Santa, "Someone, I mean Smoky took the things." So I went back out and took Smoky to the shop and made him make presents. Then we had a party.

The End

P.S. We got to ride in the sleigh.

By Elizet Hall
Paschal Sherman Indian School

If I were Santa’s elf I would make him some cookies and every elf would get a cookie too. I would help Mrs. Claus make toys out of gingerbread materials. I would also like to meet Rudolph the red nose Reindeer. I would go to Mrs. Claus and help her make Santa eat. On Christmas day all the elves, Santa, Mrs. Claus we wourd carol all day. Now I know what it is like to be Santa’s elf.

By Tareva Michel
Paschal Sherman Indian School

I will leave Santa to make cookies and cocoa with Mrs. Clause. I will make presents with the elves. I will make stuffed animals for the kids at the Hospitals. The material I will use is fluffy material and it will be cool!

By Layla Flett
Paschal Sherman Indian School

One day I got the opportunity to be able to be an elf. When I got to the North Pole I was able to make toys. I was the best toy maker ever! We made toy cars, toy dolls, toy everything. Santa was happy because he thought that there were not enough elves before, then the elves started showing up. With all the excitement, Santa let out a big ho ho. All the elves plus Santa's little secret helper, me were cheering and singing Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. They were having fun and working hard.

By Tamiah Felix
Paschal Sherman Indian School

This Christmas I will be Santa's elf. I work in the toy factory and I build toys for kids all around the world. I go to elf school. My best friends at elf school are Seylah, Sienna, Wahneeta, and layla. We all go to the same class. Except Wahneeta and Sienna, they go to cooking class and they go to this one class that they learn how to deliver toys to the little kids for Christmas. Me, Seylah and layla go to the same class, and that class is called building class. We learn how to build toys for kids. Then we actually go do the things we learned after school; so I guess that's our jobs. Me and Seylah are Santa's #1 elf. He lets us go in the secret room where there's a lot of cookie stuff. It was time for Me, Seylah, Sienna, layla and Wahneeta to go home. We were all so sad. I didn't want to go home yet but I had to so we all packed are bags and we all got to keep the elf suit. I also wore the elf suit on Christmas. Now I know what it's like to be Santa's elf.


By Grayson Posey
Paschal Sherman Indian School

If I were Santa's elf it would be awesome. I would ride the sleigh with Santa. I would also hand out presents with Santa. I would eat all the cookies and drink all of the milk. I would also learn how to make phones so I can have one.

Brandon Kishwalk
Paschal Sherman Indian School

This Christmas my job is to make presents and deliver presents for kids. And go to Elf school and learn how to make presents. The electronic kind of presents. My other job is to watch the reindeer. I feed and water them.

By Bryson Hathaway
Virginia Grainger Elementary

My name is Dobby. I am Santa's head elf. Even though I am the head elf, I still have to make toys day after day. And no, it is not as easy as you people's office jobs. Here is the story that Santa told us so we will keep working.

The first elves were trapped in a blizzard, and the heroic Santa saved the first of our kind. So he says, "Your kind needs to repay me for my save," and so we did. Now, enough about our story. Let's get to the present day Christmas Eve.

"All right it's time" said Santa, as he hopped in his sleigh. "YAH!" all the elves roared. "Free time!" Mrs. Claws said loudly.

"On Dasher, and the rest of you I forgot your names. I ate too many cookies" and away Santa went.

"Snow ball fight!" half of the elves yelled. The war lasted for what seemed like hours, but it was 5 minutes until Mrs. Claws caught us.

"Do you do this every year!" she yelled. Right before my friend doughboy knocked the camera off the wall and it hit Mrs. Claws.

"AH!!!" we all yelled.

"I don't know where to start with you all" Santa said angrily.

"Every year this happens. What is this, the 250th year? We need to set off the fire works!!" I yelled, "No problem. Already did it"

Doughboy said, "BOOM!"

By McCalla Chesledon
Virginia Grainger Elementary

Well, if I was one of Santa's elves I would sing carols with other elves. Walk to Santa's room and give him his morning hot chocolate. Ride the reindeer mostly Cupid [but secretly he he he.] Okay, so it would be if I were an elf because elves look odd than being a normal person. I would wear lots of bells and be very jolly too. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. The Elf.

By Trace Buchert
Virginia Grainger Elementary

What I think it would be like to be an elf is it would be fun because you would get to meet Santa and you would get to pet his reindeer. You get to make toys for little kids. Also you can help Santa do his chores. It would be fun because there would always be snow there. Plus you would get to live in a village with Santa and get to wear cool, fancy clothes. It would also be cool because you can live in the North Pole. But the best part is you get to make toys!

By Alpha Espino
Virginia Grainger Elementary

When I became an elf one night I was really scare. Later that day Santa called me to go to the North Pole. I went with Santa. He asked me if I wanted to be an elf or a human. I said I wanted to think about it. While I was thinking I was wandering around the North Pole. I got to meet other elves there. They were really friendly. I went back to Santa and told him I wanted to stay. He said okay so I stayed and I had so much fun wrapping presents putting bows on them. I liked being an elf. Do you want to an elf?

By Reyya Edmin
Virginia Grainger Elementary

I think it would be fun to be one of Santa's elves. I would run in the wide hall and see Santa in his sleigh. I might even ride with him on Christmas Eve. I would be very busy but I still think it would be fun to be one of Santa's elves.

By Camden Peterson
Virginia Grainger Elementary

I think it would be fun to be one of Santa's elves. You would get to make toys so it would be hard to be an elf. You have to make toys over and over again. There were big toys and little toys to make for the children all around the world. The elves are short and tall. It is hard work being an elf.

By Trey Hopkins
Virginia Grainger Elementary

One morning I woke up and I was an elf. Then Santa called me to see if I wanted to work with him. Of course I said yes. Being an elf is hard, but sometimes fun. You do lots of work like training reindeer, feeding reindeer, and most important, making toys. After a while I moved up. Now I work on making sure kids get what they want for Christmas. After a while I got the most important job of all. Now I'm an elf on the shelf. I watch these special kids to make sure they're good or bad.

By Ashlyn Keith
Virginia Grainger Elementary

I live in the North Pole. I go undercover to help Santa see what kids want.

I'm an elf working with Santa on Christmas Eve and helping him deliver presents. I also train reindeer. There are some that are mine, like Dasher and Prancer, but I have a baby reindeer named Twinkle. I have snowball fights with my elf friends. When I race in reindeer races I always win. When I go sledding I feel a rush that tingles excitement down my body. But the best part is when I see Santa, I'm proud to now that I'm an elf. I'm Ashlyn and I'm an elf.

By Piper Rawson
Virginia Grainger Elementary

Being an elf would be a dream come true because I would get to see Santa, and everyone wants to see Santa. Also, I would get to make toys. Then, I get to see children play with their toys, and I like to see children have fun and smile. If Santa couldn't fit down chimneys, I could do it for him and deliver toys that I made. Being an elf would be awesome, amazing, cool and spectacular. THE END!

By Carter Cherry
Virginia Grainger Elementary

The first of December. I woke up like I normally do. I went to the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror. I am an elf I said. I went downstairs mom dad! I’m an elf look look!! My mom and dad looked at me with a puzzled look on there face. Are you pulling my leg said my dad. You don't look like an elf to me. I’m sure it was a dream kiddo.That night a bright light shined from my window. It was Santa. Ho ho ho he said very loudly you got some magic on you. Now you’re an elf. I knew it I thought. Come with me and become my helper. Of course I said yes. So he grabbed my hand. Then we were flying across the world at 5,000 miles per hour. Then we finally got there SANTA WORKSHOP. Santa said that my job would be to wrap the presets. It was the best job ever.

By Lauren Rawley
Tonasket Elementary

It is going to be hard to be Santa elf this year because the poles are falling down

and the fires. Santa's slay could be hit by the poles. Also Santa's elfs might not be able

to find them because of the fires. So it's not gOing to be easy to be Santa's elf this year.

But one elf thot it was gOing to be easy to help Santa but it wasn't so easy to be Santa's


Once in a far land of joy and happy errs work and they always were sing. But every year when Christmas came Santa went to the elf workshop and asked one of the elf if they could go with him.

So when he got there he said, "Can one of you go with me."

"Me," said an elf named Henry.

"Ok Henry you can come with me this year," said Santa. And I need you to do something.

"Ok" said Henry.

Henry thought it was going to be easy. So Henry got to work right away. Henry went to the slay first because he knew it need to be work on.

By Priseasgabourie
Virginia Grainger Elementary

I would like to be Santa's elf because we will have lots of fun. Here are some examples. I would be singing all day. I'll be dancing and prancing all day long. And playing with the presents and having a BIG, BIG, BIG Christmas party for Santa, me Cheerful Sprinklepants, and my other elf friends. My full name is CheerfuI Sprinklepants, Louise sugarshock, Twinklecandyqueen.

I would live in the North Pole under a tree with everything if I'm nice or naughty. This is my story how I will be Santa's elf. And don't you just love my name?

Would you like to be Santa's elf and have fun and be yelled at if you don't do your job? And my nickname is Jinglesuperplum. I love working for Santa.

By Collin
Virginia Grainger Elementary

If I were Santa's elf, I would be small. I would have to step on a step stool. Lane would be making fun of me.

Santa said to lane and I, "Stop making toys. Lane and Collin, clean up the raindeer barn NOW!!"

When we were done, Santa said, "Wrap the toys now."

After he said to all the elves, "Stop making toys and put your name in the bucket if you want to ride with me. I can bring two elves. They are Lane and Collin." Lane was scared of heights.

Lane got sick on Santa's sleigh.

Santa said, Ho, Ho, Ho, Lane. Get the towel in the back before I get sick."

We were giving the presents to the kids. After we were down, the reindeer wanted a snack at ARBYS. "They want a milk shake and cheese burritos." When we were down, we went to the North Pole.


By Evan Buska
Virginia Grainger Elementary

Hello my name is Evan. If I were Santa's elf, I would organize toys because I think they're a joy to make and also testing them and also make them.

If I were Santa's elf I would be in Santa's sleigh all the hills we go laughing all the way. Ha Ha Ha!

If I were Santa's elf, I would make toys because I say they are a joy to make in Santa's workshop and also making toys are cool and joyful.

By Elisha Buchanan
Virginia Grainger Elementary

If I was one of Santa's elves traveling, it will be hard. I like to be one of Santa's elves. It will be awesome wrapping presents, also setting up the reindeer to the sled and putting the bags of toys in the sled.

By Gracie Blume
Virginia Grainger Elementary

If I were one of Santa's elves, I would clean up the reindeer barn. I would clean up after Prancer. Prancer is a nice reindeer. I would shine Rudolph's red nose. It is fun.

Santa said, "Come here and bring me some milk and cookies. Now go get the reindeer ready for this ride. Gracie go wrap the gifts. It's time to go give them to the kids."

Merry Christmas!!!


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