Christmas Greetings writing entries - Third-grade


My name is Holly. I’m an elf. I help Santa make toys for good little boys and girls all year. There are only a few days until Christmas and Santa’s shop is busy, busy, busy!

One day a horrible storm came two before Christmas and the storm destroyed 10,000 toys! Santa and the other elves were very, very worried. Santa thought Christmas would have to be cancelled.

I told Santa I had an idea. Santa said, “Be quiet everyone. Holly has an idea. OK, Holly tell us your idea.”

“Let’s play a game everyone.”

“OK, but what is this game called?” asked the other elves excitedly.

“The game is called building toys,” I said with a smile. “This is how we play the game. We put elves into two teams. Each team has to build 5,000 toys in two days.”

When everyone heard this they got to work right away. Even Santa got work “Ho! Ho! Ho! Away we go!” said Santa.

The workshop was the busiest it was all year. We got all the toys made again and Christmas was saved. “Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!” we all shouted. Santa said “Time to load up my sled.” So we filled up Santa’s sled with toys.

Then Santa said “Come Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen and Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen and the most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph. Now my reindeer. Ho! Ho! Ho! Away we go! The End.

By Gracie Huberty
Virginia Grainger Elementary

I’m a worker elf for Santa Claus. My name is Snowball. Here at Santa’s workshop there are fun times, adventurous times and sometimes even times where there are problems! One time a whole big can full of the most powerful bouncy balls fell over! It was like a jungle of bouncy balls! It was really funny and fun! Another time an elf named Sean accidentally fell in Santa’s bag of toys! It took a very long time to get Sean out. Almost Forever! The most exciting thing that happened was when I (Snowball) went to the reindeer barn and saw that all the reindeer were gone!!! Two other elves named Light and Star helped me find all the reindeer. We found two in Africa, two in North America and one in Australia! Well, I hope you have a merry Christmas! From Snowball.

By Diesel Downey
East Omak Elementary

If I were an elf I would make a lot of wooden toys and I would make wooden chickens, wooden cars too. I think it would be fun to feed the reindeer food like gingerbread, cookies and candy canes. I would have an elf dog and he would be a corgi. His name would be Bently the elf dog. After making a lot of toys, I would go to the kitchen and eat chocolate chip cookies and they would be huge. I would also eat gingerbread cookies and I would make a gingerbread dog in a gingerbread house. I would feed Santa a lot of cookies and milk.

Grace Berthelson
Virginia Grainger Elementary

If I was Santa’s elf, I would die in a matter of an hour. You have to make life-sized ponies for Pete’s sake! Gosh, and when your new you have to meet Bob! Most elves think he’s related to a hippo. Christmas Eve is what we call, “Every-lady-faint-day.” You’re thinking: Rudolph stop eating Vixen’s fur! It’s disgusting! Prancer! Don’t bite your nails! Ahhh! COMET GET AWAY FROM THE SNAKE!” (And then you see it’s rubber because snakes don’t live here!)

“CHRISTMAS!!! AAH!” Elves flailing their arms uncontrollably, crying with joy, it’s a one day break! Then, after that it’s 136 more days of working again (all elves moan.)


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