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Football fever brings us together

Seattle Seahawks fans have thrown open the so-called "Cascade Curtain" — the imaginary yet-ever-so-real curtain separating politics and lifestyles of those living east and west of the Cascade Mountains.

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Land transfer a winning formula

Last week, three bills — two in the House and a companion in the Senate — were filed calling for the study and possible transfer of publicly owned lands managed by the federal government. In short, a handful of senators and a number of Republicans and Democrats in the House want the state to manage the more than 12.17 million acres of land currently under the control of federal bureaucrats.

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Committee looking into land buys

In the wake of the Carlton Complex wildfires this summer, the Legislature is taking a hard look at state agency land ownership and management practices.

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Harvest timber while its possible

We urge Natural Resources to continue with its plan to sell the burnt trees, plant new ones and not bend to the demands of those who would clog up the sale process for so long that the trees’ remaining value is destroyed.

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Policies leading to forest closure

Current forest rules allow off-road vehicles everywhere, unless a need arises for a specific closure. But if the rules change, motorized vehicles would no longer be allowed in millions of square miles of forest in North-Central Washington.

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Okanogan County under burn ban

The state Department of Ecology issued the ban Monday based on forecasts of stagnant air conditions in the region, putting the county at risk for air pollution to reach unhealthy levels.

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Rule change would affect rite of passage

This coming weekend, the state Fish and Wildlife Commission is set to change the sportfishing rules. In short, the new rules will close all of the Columbia River, its tributaries and beaver ponds to fishing “unless otherwise open.” That’s a reversal of tradition.

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Tuesday, January 6

Wildfire meeting draws hundreds

Reps. Brian Blake, D-Aberdeen, and Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda, hosted the presentations by local and state officials during the meeting at Brewster High School.

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Winter storm watch in effect

The National Weather Service has issued several watches and warnings for possible snow accumulations across the region this weekend.

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