Stories for June 2015


Tuesday, June 30


Tonasket Water Ranch nears completion

More than two-dozen community members and supporters of the long-awaited Tonasket Water Ranch gathered this morning in Chief Tonasket Park to put the finishing touches on the childrens’ spray park.

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Wednesday, June 24


Hats off to tribe for dream realized

The new 12 Tribes Resort Casino, which opened last week, is a showpiece for the tribe and holds the potential to be a big money maker for the tribe and provide an economic boost to the Omak-Okanogan area.

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Sometimes, maps are preferable

New GPS systems in cars, tablets and smartphones are not as user-friendly as I had hoped. So, sometimes, its better to just use an old-fashioned map.

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Tuesday, June 23

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Wednesday, June 17


State income tax? Not so fast

Washington’s State Supreme Court tossed out our state income tax in 1933 and several efforts to amend our constitution to re-impose it have failed. Some income tax proponents say the time might be ripe again to take another run at changing the constitution. Not so fast ...

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Money talks in grizzly bear plan

Decisions about introducing predators into our area should be made locally, not by federal bureaucrats looking to pad their pockets and create legacies.

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Be proud of who you are

Whether you’re white, black, American Indian, Hispanic, Asian or other race, you should be proud of who you are. You should build on your strengths and learn from your weaknesses.

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Repeal mandatory labelling rules

The U.S. must play by the rules we agreed to with our biggest trading partners and export markets. Time is running out to avoid the costly penalty of trade sanctions. I’m urging the Senate to repeal mandatory labeling requirements.

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Tuesday, June 16


Lake Osoyoos Cup results

Here are the results of watercross racing and the freestyle competition at the second Lake Osoyoos Cup in Deep Bay Park on June 13-14

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Wednesday, June 10

Bear captured near Havillah

State Department of Fish and Wildlife Sgt. Dan Christensen will be transporting the bear to Omak for a short health check before releasing the bear.

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Reconsider Three Devils decision

Okanogan County commissioners would be remiss if they don’t take another look at the procedural errors and reconsider their decision to vacate Three Devils Road.

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Protecting Dead Horse Cliff, lands

While the protection and management of state trust lands must always come first, I will continue to work with our community to ensure appropriate use of these lands.

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It's past time for the Legislature to go home

The bottom line is this — taxpayers are tired of the budget deadlock in Olympia. Taxpayers don’t want new taxes. They don’t want new government programs. They just want lawmakers to wrap it up and go home.

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Whose talking tax cuts in Olympia? Nobody

In Olympia these days, lawmakers are high-centered in a second special session over the budget to operate the state for the next two years. The stalemate has come down to the choice of raising taxes or funding government with current revenues.

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Wednesday, June 3


Open gates to Dead Horse Cliff

A local history buff wants to make yet another trip to Dead Horse Cliff, but is literally running into a roadblock, again. The information that can be found at Dead Horse Cliff is a significant part of local heritage and history. And an employee who is paid by tax dollars shouldn’t be standing in the way of learning more about our history.

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System may save your life

Okanogan County’s new emergency notification system is up and running, and already proving useful in notifying people about weather-related emergencies.

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The EPA's waterway power grab

Congress can and should reverse the EPA and Corps effort to expand federal control over waterways and restore sensible collaboration with states and local stakeholders to protect our waters.

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Tuesday, June 2

Anti-drug forum recognizes Republic youth

Several hundred youth and their adult advisers — including a Republic delegation — gathered at Great Wolf Lodge last month to share the results of their drug and alcohol prevention efforts in their communities.

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Monday, June 1