Bear captured near Havillah

— A nuisance bear was trapped this morning in the Antoine Creek area outside the city by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The bear will be relocated away from people, agency Sgt. Dan Christensen said this morning.

Agency officers are en route now to the bear trap and cage; they will pick up the bear and return with it to Omak.

The cage and bear will stop briefly in parking lot of The Chronicle, 618 Okoma Drive, in a few hours, Christensen said. There, officials will tranquilize, weigh, measure and tag the bear.

After taking health data, the bear will be transported to a remote Sinlahekin location, where it will be released without harm after the tranquilizer wears off, Christensen said.

Residents wanting to get a first-hand look at how the health check is conducted can view the process at The Chronicle.

The trapping and relocation comes a week after "Cinder," a bear rescued in the aftermath of the Carlton Complex wildfire last summer, was released near Leavenworth.

Christensen called Cinder a "modern-day Smoky Bear" story.

Cinder was found by Okanogan County resident Steve Love found the badly burned bear and local game officer Jason Day responded and rescued the bear. Biologist Rich Beausoleil oversaw her return to the North Cascades following about 10 months of rehabilitation.

Christensen said apple dumping in some parts of the county combined with an early cherry season is bringing bears closer to people this spring.

Nuisance bears should be reported to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.


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