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Reject road vacation request

Okanogan County officials now have to decide whether or not to give the road to Gamble or keep it public. We support the route remaining public.

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810 (2015-147 March 25, April 8) NOTICE TO AIRPORT CONSULTANTS

(2015-147 March 25, April 8) NOTICE TO AIRPORT CONSULTANTS, The City of Brewster as the owner/sponsor of a public-use airport facility, is soliciting Statements of Qualifications and Experience for professional airport engineering, airport planning and environmental services at Anderson Field Airport.

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Wednesday, March 18


Opening government takes effort

This past weekend, I was honored, and humbled, to be one of the speakers at the state Open Government Conference in Tacoma. And while we do our part here at The Chronicle to ensure government meetings and records are open to the general public, I was thoroughly impressed by the efforts of others around our state.

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820 (2015-135 March 18) PUBLIC NOTICE

(2015-135 March 18) PUBLIC NOTICE The Colville Tribes Land Use Review Board will be holding a public hearing to make a ruling on the following land use and development permits:

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Minimum wage hike misses target

If we truly want to help people move up the economic ladder, isn’t it better to provide incentives that reward them for getting the education and skills they’ll need in order to succeed?

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Monday, March 16

Sunday, March 15

Nine arrested in heroin ring

Five children turned over to Child Protective Services as law enforcement officials raid two homes in conclusion of two-month investigation into Omak-area heroin ring.

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Minimum wage bill will hurt area

If this bill passes the Senate and is signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee, it’ll drive inflation and shatter many rural residents’ ability to grow economically and socially.

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Can Washington avoid water war?

Finding enough clean fresh water is a worldwide challenge as population, food production and industries expand. That’s a long-term issue, but for now, competing interests in our state must find ways to avert what is going on in California.

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Ruralites deserve say on grizzlies

Grizzly bear introduction advocates offered nothing more than a kindergarten-style “show-and-tell" on their plans to move relocate the predators to the North Cascades

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Support bill on wildfire funding

House Resolution 1009 could provide some help with the upcoming fire season. And with the lack of snowfall in the mountains, we’ll likely need it.

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We don't need Homeland Security

We need to rethink the Department of Homeland Security's creation, divest much of the power it has usurped and give autonomy back to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the U.S. Coast Guard, Federal Emergency Management Agency and others. While we’re at it, disband the TSA.

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