820 (2015-126 March 11) Seeking Contractor

(2015-126 March 11) Seeking Contractor to install climb-resistant wire fencing material to enclose Mezzanine and Stairway areas in all the Cells/Pods. (Advertise for 2 weeks Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) Seeking Contractor to prepare a site for an outdoor walk-in freezer/cooler unit to include pouring a concrete pad and routing electricity for the unit. (Advertise for 1 week Monday, Wednesday and Saturday)

Seeking a Licensed/Bonded Locksmith to Re-Key the Correctional Facility to include Secured Correctional areas, Administration and areas of the New Tribal Court Building. Excluding: Correctional/Prison type locks. (Advertise for 1 week Monday, Wednesday and Saturday)

Interested contractors may contact Watch Wilder for Request for Proposals, specific information and/or to schedule site visits. Email: watchumyush.wilder@colvilletribes.com. Phones: (509) 634-7362 or (509) 322-0715 Monday through Friday 07:30 to 4:00.

Published by Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle.


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