Stories for May 2015


Friday, May 29

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Wednesday, May 27


Honoring our warriors

As Americans, we must honor the memory of the brave and the fallen, not just on Memorial Day, but every day.

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Plan to attend forest session

Plan to be present to voice your concerns and offer your insights June 11 when federal employees come to listen to ideas on managing Pacific Northwest forests

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Wotta booked for Conscious Culture show

Full disclosure: I got Bend, Ore.’s favorite son, Mosley Wotta booked at Conscious Culture Festival this year. It wasn’t so difficult — he has a pretty unique selling point: I believe that Mosley performing at Conscious Culture Festival is a matter of destiny... and I have the game tape to prove it.

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Smart decision on Sage Shop

The Omak City Council made a smart decision — really the only logical move — in dropping its fight against Montana Dutton’s proposed Sage Shop marijuana store.

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Tuesday, May 26


Crew works to clean up oil spill near Keller

A gasoline tanker-truck heading north on state Highway 21 north of town overturned this morning and spilled 70 gallons of diesel and 2,800 gallons of gasoline into a ditch across from the San Poil River.

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Thursday, May 21


Wednesday, May 20


Recall reasons behind holiday

Don’t take the upcoming weekend for granted. Many of your friends, family members and neighbors have sacrificed a lot for you to celebrate the “opening” of the summer season.

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Freedom Act protects Americans

After the alarming revelations of the NSA’s bulk-collection of phone call data, the Freedom Act reforms strike a much-needed balance between the need for intelligence agencies to operate effectively and the need to safeguard privacy rights of Americans.

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Dont' sequester Wolf Advisory Group

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife's new human-wildlife conflict collaboration executive director, Francine Madden, plans to begin her new management position by sequestering the public board established specifically to be a liaison on wolf-related issues. Since she's unilaterally throwing out the rules established for the board, the state should rescind any job offer and find someone willing to truly collaborate with rural residents facing wolf-related issues.

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Wednesday, May 13

PUD warns of scam

The Okanogan County Public Utility District is warning customers of a scam involving a pop-up computer message.

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Thumbs up for bicycle crackdown

As more and more Okanogan County communities welcome ATVs into town, the potential for frustration between those riders and cyclists and drivers will grow. Cyclists have to learn to share the road with other ATV riders, and vice versa.

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Officials correctly play out process

Okanogan County commissioners are correctly following the established process on the request to vacate Three Devils Road, even in the delay in a decision isn't popular

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Area neighbors helping neighbors

While the government can make it easier for our food bank system to flourish, the real success is due to the hard work of the individuals who donate and volunteer. We all have the ability to donate our time and resources and be part of neighbors helping neighbors.

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Conscious Culture is right around the bend

The sixth annual, Conscious Culture Festival is right around the bend. On June 19 through 21 an estimated two thousand gentle folk will congregate on the Barter Faire grounds near Tonasket. In the grand scheme of world history this is a party has been celebrated since at least the neolithic era.

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Tuesday, May 12


NOANet problems affect local Internet service

Problems with the NoaNet broadband system this morning slowed Internet service to end users of the Okanogan County Public Utility District’s fiber-optic network and caused problems for people trying to file for elective office through the state.

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Friday, May 8

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Wednesday, May 6


Will our ports be ready for big ships?

The big ships are coming. The question is, will they dock in Seattle or Tacoma or head north to Canada or pass us by sailing through the Panama Canal to U.S. ports on the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic seaboard?

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Carnival kicks off Colorama

The Colorama Festival returns this week for its 58th year with popular activities, from a carnival to a parade, helicopter rides, races and more.

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May Festival starts Friday

This weekend’s 81st annual May Festival will feature a weekend-long lineup of events from royalty coronation to a parade, basketball tournament, bass tournament and the traditional May Pole Dance.

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810 (2015-238 May 6) PUBLIC NOTICE

(2015-238 May 6) PUBLIC NOTICE The City of Okanogan will be applying VectoBac 12AS (Bacillus thuringiensis);Natular G30 (Spinosad);and Biomist 3+15 ULV(Permethrin, Piperonyl Butoxide) for mosquito control

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Music theater is a rewarding art form

I’m proud to help amplify the good news that Okanogan Valley Orchestra and Chorus — known as OVOC — is presenting the popular and vocally challenging musical, “Into The Woods.”

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Tuesday, May 5

Stuck truck blocks highway

Southbound traffic on U.S. Highway 97 slowed after tractor-trailer gets stuck on a sandy pull-out area while trying to turn around.

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