Pateros mayoral candidates face off at forum

Photo by Lena Howe


— Mayoral candidates Joni Parks and Carlene Anders participated in a citizens' forum on Monday.

Citizens in the audience were invited to ask questions of the candidates to learn more about them.

Parks agreed with Anders on many issues. Several questions were asked regarding the candidates’ main goals if elected mayor.

Anders stated her primary focus would be updating the city’s water system.

“I want to know that water will be there, especially when fighting fires,” Anders said.

Parks matched her response stating she’d like to work on the wells, infrastructure and overall preparedness of the town with backup generators.

At one point, moderator Rebecca Meadows had to control an audience outburst regarding a question directed to both candidates.

“What capacities have you held with the city and under what circumstances are you no longer in those capacities?” one audience member asked.

Parks was asked again by the audience member after she failed to answer the question completely.

Meadows gave Parks the option of answering.

“I was fired because I messed up the billing,” Parks said.

Both candidates specified that more housing in the area is crucial to sustain business owners and the school district.

In their closing statements, Parks reinforced that she is “another body, willing to help,” and “an advocate to make people want to live here and stay here.”

“From my angle, I don’t plan to do anything,” Anders said. “I’m doing it! I have a pulse on what’s happening. We are already moving forward.”

Ballots, which were sent out Thursday, are required to be postmarked by Nov. 3 at 8 p.m.


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