Klemmeck takes first at Anderson Invite

Ramiro Rincon of Brewster looks over his shoulder at teammate Brady Musching near the finish of a 5K race at Lake Woods Golf Course last Tuesday. A story was in The Chronicle's Sunday edition.

Brad Skiff/Special to The Chronicle
Ramiro Rincon of Brewster looks over his shoulder at teammate Brady Musching near the finish of a 5K race at Lake Woods Golf Course last Tuesday. A story was in The Chronicle's Sunday edition.

PLANTES FERRY – Ben Klemmeck of Liberty Bell took first in boys varsity at the Runners Soul Erik Anderson Invitational on Saturday.

Klemmeck covered the 5K course in 15 minutes, 46.10 seconds to help anchor the Mountain Lions team to the B trophy after finishing eighth out of 15 full teams (24 high schools competed).

“Command performance by Ben Klemmeck,” Liberty Bell coach Craig Herlihy said. “Ben just got stronger as the race went on.”

Klemmeck ran in a lead pack for two miles before taking the lead.

“He decided to separate himself from the rest of the field and never looked back,” Herlihy said. “As I overheard a spectator at the finish line, ‘It’s nice to see the small schools take care of the bigger schools.’ We’re starting to see our No. 3, 4 and 5 runners pick up the pace too, so that’s always exciting to see.”

Spencer Reiss of Republic/Curlew (R/C) was ninth (16:45.42) and Omak freshman sensation Israel Escamilla was 12th (16:46.94).

Escamilla was about a minute, 50 seconds ahead of the all-freshman race winner and nearly a minute in front of the next freshman in the varsity run.

“Israel Escamilla ran incredibly fast for the second consecutive week,” Omak coach Sean Kato said. “According to athletic.net (which keeps track of times), Israel has the fourth fastest (freshman) 5K in the state for single A schools.

“The weather was good, competition was fierce and the course was fast,” said Kato, whose runners all set personal bests from earlier meets. “Most of the team ran their fastest 5K race ever on the all-grass course at Plantes Ferry Park.”

Shania Graham of Republic/Curlew (R/C) was the top area varsity girl finishing 10th in 20:23.00.

In junior varsity runs over 5K, sophomore Tiffany Byington of Republic/Curlew took first (21:08.55). Close behind in third was teammate Alexis Walker (22:28.34).

For the boys, sophomore Ryan Rose of Republic/Curlew was 13th in (18:32.9).

In freshmen races, Republic/Curlew’s Anna Reiss was ninth (25:32.25) for girls and Taylor Connor was 11th in boys (20:02.58). Gunnar Hilderbrandt was 13th (20:21.52).

Novie McCabe of Liberty Bell finished first in the 1.5-mile junior high run (9:07.73), just slipping in front of Leah Carney of St. Thomas Moore (9:08.90).

Liberty Bell was the lone school with enough runners for a girls team score while placing five in the Top 9 finishers. The other five girls forming the team score included Gretta Scholz (9:54.76), Liv Aspholm (10:05.93), Lindsay Worrell (10:35.72) and Lena nelson (11:18.68).

In the boys junior high run, Liberty Bell’s Ian Delong was ninth (9:29.78) and Travis Grialou was 10th (9:36.28). Both are seventh graders.

Mason Holborn of Omak was 11th (9:46.07).

“We took home 11 individual awards between the junior high and high school teams,” Herlihy said. “That, I would say, is a very productive and satisfying day.”

Tonasket will host an invitation meet Wednesday with nine high schools (including Brewster, Bridgeport, Okanogan, Omak and Oroville) and five middle schools (including Nespelem, Okanogan and Omak) slated to compete against Tonasket.

 Omak also heads to the big Mount Baker Invitational meet Saturday.

“It was a very fast course,” Liberty Bell coach Craig Herlihy said. “Firm grass running surface, flat course, rounded turns, long straight-aways.”

Liberty Bell runs at the Trojan Invite on Saturday at the Mill Bay Golf Course in Manson.

Area high schools slated to compete include Brewster, Bridgeport, Okanogan, Oroville and Republic/Curlew.

Boys varsity team scores: 1, West Valley-Spokane 73. 2, Selah 92. 3, Eastmont 103. 4, Shadle Park 121. 5, Ephrata 148. 6, East Valley-Spokane 158. 8, Liberty Bell 214. 9, Moses Lake 243. 10, Tonasket 264. 11, Omak 287. 12, Brewster 325. 13, Prosser 338. 14, Freeman 350. 15, Okanogan 387.

Individuals: 1, Ben Klemmeck, L.B., 15:46.10. 9, Spencer Reiss, R/C, 16:45.42. 12, Israel Escamilla, Omak, 16:46.94. 15, Eli Nielsen, L.B., 17:00.05. 18, Hunter Swanson, Ton., 17:08.44. 33, Blake Chesledon, Okan., 17:36.91. 40, Edgar Guzman, Brew., 17:56.00. 44, Bryden Hires, Ton., 18:03.28. 45, Garrett Wilson, Ton., 18:06.08. 57, Ben Kraske, Omak, 18:20.23.

58, Emerson Worrell, L.B., 18:21.05. 66, Carter Dornfeld, L.B., 18:39.71. 68, Kyle Holborn, Omak, 18:42.51. 70, Brady Busching, Brew., 18:45.51. 71, Ramiro Rincon, Brew., 18:46.31. 72, Clancy Andrews, Okan., 18:48.04. 85, Alfonso Medina, Omak, 19:23.01. 86, Bryan Cuin-Tinoco, Brew., 19:23.15. 87, Carlos Talavera, Brew., 19:26.90. 90, Riley Morris, Ton., 20:09.02.

91, Dawson Click, Omak, 20:09.55. 93, Rade Pilkinton, Ton., 20:16.46. 94, Peter Aspholm, L.B., 20:16.68. 95, Geza Sukovaty, L.B., 20:23.03. 96, Tim Haley, L.B., 20:23.83. 97, Andrick Carroll, Omak, 20:28.24. 99, Bryan Lopez, Brew., 20:40.70. 100, Eric Pamatz, Brew., 20:52.88. 101, Austin Warren, Okan., 20:55.79. 102, Justin McDonald, Ton., 21:07.92.

103, Phillip Law, Omak, 21:18.83. 104, Dylan Streeter, Okan., 21:34.66. 105, Samuel Flores, Ton., 21:53.74. 106, Micah Downey, Okan., 21:55.41. 107, Louis Morrison-Nelson, Okan., 21:57.34. 108, Noah Brooks, Okan., 22:00.36.

Girls varsity team scores: 1, Ephrata 32. 2, Moses Lake 92. 3, Selah 94. 4, Eastmont 117. 5, Tonasket 119. 6, Prosser 125. 7, Lakeside 130. 8, West Valley-Spokane 177.

Individuals: 1, Danielle Hiatt, Eph., 19:03.79. 10, Shania Graham, R/C, 20:23.00. 12, Athena Milani, L.B., 21:03.07. 15, Johnna Terris, Ton., 21:17.24. 17, Jenna Valentine, Ton., 21:41.42. 25, Icel Sukovaty, L.B., 22:03.00. 26, Mia Stratman, L.B., 22:04.10. 29, Ava Mott, L.B., 22:09.25. 30, Sarah O’Dell, Omak, 22:10.93. 34, Katie Henneman, Ton., 22:38.18.

39, Alexandra O’Dell, Omak, 22:59.23. 44, Victoria Chervinsky, Ton., 23:23.17. 45, Jennifer O’Dell, Omak, 23;30.85. 46, Hanna Smith, Okan., 23:43.25. 47, Kaylee Bobadilla, Ton., 23:50.07. 56, Cassie Lange, Omak, 25:17.43. 58, Haley Larson, Ton., 25;32.71.


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