Dog likely killed by vehicle

RIVERSIDE – A dead dog, which created a social media storm and was found along the Riverside Cutoff Road, was likely accidentally killed by a motorist, according to Okanogan County Sheriff’s Deputy Dave Yarnell, who does animal investigations.

“I went to the location but the dog was gone,” Yarnell said Tuesday morning. “It was found two days ago along the creek bed by a civilian volunteer road cleaning group.”

According to Yarnell, the man who found the dog said it was a younger male pit bull and had no obvious signs of trauma to the body.

“It was taken up to the side of the road and then removed with all the other garbage they had collected,” Yarnell said. “With no obvious signs of trauma and not being able to view the dog myself, I would have to guess it may have been struck by a vehicle.”

A photo of the deceased dog surfaced on Facebook Monday night and created a social media maelstrom.


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