820 (2016-351 Aug. 31, Sept. 7) REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

(2016-351 Aug. 31, Sept. 7) REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

Okanogan Housing Coalition led by Okanogan County Community Action Council is requesting proposals from housing assistance providers in Okanogan County to best utilize funds available through Okanogan County’s share of funds derived from legislation known as the HB2163 and HB2060. Under agreement with the county, the Coalition is the organization recommending project funding to the county Board of Commissioners. Proposals will need to conform to the limited uses authorized by the legislation as shown below. Based on the Housing Needs assessments conducted by the Coalition, it has been determined that a high priority will be given to projects that address prevention of homelessness.

A. HB2060 Eligible Project. A housing project, or units within a housing project, that are affordable to very low-income persons with incomes at or below fifty percent of the area median income and consistent with countywide and local housing needs and policies that fall within one of the following categories:

1.Acquisition, construction, or rehabilitation of housing projects or units within the housing projects;

2.Supporting building operation and maintenance costs of housing projects or units within housing projects built with housing trust funds, and that require a supplemental rent income to cover ongoing operating expenses;

3.Rental assistance vouchers to be administered by a local public housing authority or other local organization that has an existing rental assistance voucher program, consistent with the United States department of housing and urban development’s section 8 rental assistance voucher program standards; and

4.Operating costs for emergency shelters and licensed overnight youth shelters.

Construction of new housing is not an “eligible project” if the vacancy rate for available low-income housing within the county, as determined by applying the standard developed by the real estate research center at Washington State University, rises above ten percent.

For the purposes of this fund, a housing project includes both single and multifamily units.


Eligible activities under the local plans include:

(1) Rental and furnishing of dwelling units for the use of homeless


(2) Operating subsidies for transitional housing or permanent

housing serving formerly homeless families or individuals;

(3) Services to prevent homelessness, such as emergency eviction

prevention programs including temporary rental subsidies to prevent homelessness;

(4) Temporary services to assist persons leaving state institutions and other state programs to prevent them from becoming or remaining homeless (5) Rental vouchers payable to landlords for persons who are

homeless or below thirty percent of the median income or in immediate danger of becoming homeless; and


Please forward your letter of interest with the following details:

1.Dollar amount requested

2.Brief Description of uses of funds (no more than 3 paragraphs) which should include:

a.Population to be served

b.Projected outcomes

c.Timeline for delivery of service

d.Process for evaluation of program.

3.Organization status (private 501c3, Housing Authority, etc)

4.Contact person with e-mail & phone contact information

Mail to: Attn: Lael Duncan, Executive Director, OCCAC, P.O. Box 1067, Okanogan, WA 98840

Deadline: Submissions are due in the office of OCCAC (424 2nd Ave, Okanogan, no later than September 29th, 2016

Decisions are expected no later than November 30th 2016.

Funding is expected to begin January 1, 2017.

For additional information or questions contact:

Lael Duncan, Executive Director of Okanogan County Community Action Council at 509-422-4041 or laeld@occac.com .

The Okanogan Housing Coalition as authorized by the County consists of Okanogan Community Action Council, The Housing Authority of Okanogan County, Okanogan County Behavioral Healthcare, The Support Center, Room One, and City of Oroville Housing Authority.

Published by Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle.


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