810 (2017-034 Feb. 8) Public Notice Mosquito Treatments

(2017-034 Feb. 8) Public Notice Mosquito Treatments

The City of Omak will begin treatment of mosquito larvae as soon as the weather & river conditions allow it. The normal time for the initial treatment is in March with the emergence of the first larva.

Most of the treatments will be using a biological chemical called VectoBac GR. Treatment for adult mosquitoes will begin as needed, normally the end of April or beginning of May. At that time a fogger mounted in a pickup will apply Bio-mist 4-4.

More information can be obtained by using the cities website www.omakcity.com or questions directed to city hall at 826-1170 and ask for Ken or Tracy.

Additional information can be obtained from the Washington Department of Ecology, Aquatic Mosquito General Permit Manager, Nathan Lubliner at 360-407-6563.

Published by Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle.


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