Groups stage protest at Newhouse mobile office

Photo by Chris Thew

OMAK – About 130 protestors from various groups in Okanogan County met with Rep. Dan Newhouse’s Congressional staff during a “mobile office” on Monday, Feb. 6.

The event is normally for one-on- one meetings with staff to help with issues that constituents are facing.

After the group made their way into the Omak City Council chambers, the group was addressed by District Representative Jessica McCarthy who

told the group that she was actually in the process of setting up a town hall meeting, but said the congressman would not be available until possibly May, due to the Congressional calendar and prior scheduling.

The news was not welcomed in the large crowd.

For the complete story, see the Wednesday, Feb. 8, edition of The Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle.


Emily68 1 year, 4 months ago

The crowd, consisting of constituents of Rep. Newhouse, was polite to Ms. McCarthy and she was polite to us. Most of us understood before we went into City Hall that this wasn't a "town hall" meeting. As far as I know, those who had appointments with Ms. McCarthy were able to see her without any delay. The only person I saw who was disruptive was Jim Miller, who heckled and interrupted several of our speakers.

I'd like to thank the staff in the Omak City Hall for letting us use the council chambers.


HLH2017 1 year, 4 months ago

This opinion piece appears to be inaccurate. The "protesters" who showed up were concerned citizens with legitimate concerns. It is Dan Newhouse's responsibility and obligation to hear and serve his constituents no matter if they are perfectly aligned with him or not. Ms. McCarthy was gracious and professional and that was appreciated. You failed to mention the one truly disruptive person in the crowd who continued to interrupt the citizens chosen to speak. It is my hope that Jim Miller will make an appt next time so that he can have his needs met. In the future please refrain from divisive language and partisan politics. Your job is to report without bias. Thank, you!


kvanders 1 year, 4 months ago

Emily is correct about the cordial greeting that was shared by the group and Jessica McCarthy. Before any scheduled appointments, Jessica addressed the crowd about the nature of the mobile office and the needs of constituents who came to meet with her. A spokesperson for the group made it clear that we wanted those folks to meet with her before we delivered letters to her to pass on to Representative Newhouse. When the group was assembled outside City Hall, an open path to the front doors was maintained in an effort not to interfere with anyone who came for personal business. It was a spontaneous round of applause that greeted Jim Miller when he declared, "free speech!". Not one person responded to Miller's comments, which seemed intended to provoke, (something about George Soros and zombies?!). When asked if members of the media would identify themselves Mr. Thew, you oddly did not speak up. When asked directly if you were with the media, you said that yes you were but would not give your last name until again asked directly. Hey come on, you're the "Point of Thew" right? I have to at least give Mr. Miller credit for having the courage to insert himself into a partisan crowd that didn't agree with his point of view. It seems like you should have been comfortable simply identifying yourself. Clearly you're selling papers. I hope you don't expect to sell more by losing objectivity and showing clear bias. I will confess that I suspect as much.


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