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School bond issues going down in defeat

60 percent or more yes votes needed to pass

OKANOGAN — Early election results indicate Okanogan and Tonasket school proposed bond issues are going down in defeat.

School bond issue measures require 60 percent or more yes votes to pass.

In unofficial election returns, the Okanogan School District bond issue measure garnered 448 yes votes, or 55.24 percent, and 363 no votes, or 47.76 percent.

In northern Okanogan County, voters in the Tonasket School District cast 458 yes votes, or 47.61 percent, and 504 no votes, or 52.39 percent.

A bond issues for the Bridgeport School district received 208 yes votes, or 64 percent, and 117 no votes, or 36 percent in Douglas County. It received 9 yes votes, or 56.25 percent, and 7 no votes, or 43.75 percent in Okanogan County. Combined, the total comes to 63.64 percent yes.

Okanogan County election officials said there are approximately 591 ballots that have not been counted yet, and there was a 26.47 percent voter turn out.

The next ballot count is planned for 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 17.

The election will be certified Feb. 24.


LavaMonster 1 year, 9 months ago

I was glad to vote NO on Okanogan's proposal. My household will continue to vote no on any measure that includes funds for sports programs fields.


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