Tonasket basketball coach reinstated

TONASKET - Tonasket High School basketball coach Kevin Landdeck has been reinstated through the end of the season.

"On Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017, having heard from students, team members, parents, community members, staff, the superintendent and administrative team, as well as coach (Kevin) Landdeck, over the past several weeks, the Tonasket School Board made a decision to rescind the administrative leave of coach Landdeck through the end of this current boys basketball season only,” a statement for the Tonasket School Board said Thursday afternoon. "This decision was not unanimous and in opposition to the superintendent's recommendation."

"The board believes this decision is in the best interest of our boys basketball student athletes at this moment,” the statement said.

Landdeck's initial leave stems from his apparently interrupting Jim Caddy's middle school class and accusing him of calling Landdeck's son a name.

The altercation between the coach and teacher - that took place while class was in session - was videotaped by a student late last month.

In the video Caddy asks Landdeck, who was employed to coach basketball but is not a teacher at the school, to leave the classroom and discuss the matter later.

Caddy denies harassing Landdeck's son and persists in asking the coach to leave the classroom, the video shows.

Earlier this month, The Chronicle received an anonymous phone call claiming the caller - not Caddy - was the person who allegedly made the comment about Landdeck's son.

The caller, who did not disclose his identity, alleged Landdeck's son and two other basketball players allegedly violated the school's athletic code and, after being heard by an appeals board, were able to start the next basketball game.


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