Tonasket coach reinstated by school board

TONASKET – The Tonasket High School basketball team has advanced to the state 2B tournament March 1-4 in the Spokane Arena, and will be under the direction of coach Kevin Landdeck.

Landdeck was reinstated - through the end of the season - by the Tonasket School Board during a meeting Wednesday, Feb. 22.

Last month Landdeck was suspended after apparently interrupting a middle school class and accusing the teacher of calling Landdeck’s son a name. The altercation, which took place while class was in session, was videotaped by a student in January.

“Having heard from students, team members, parents, community members, staff, the superintendent and administrative team, as well as coach (Kevin) Landdeck, over the past several weeks, the Tonasket School Board made a decision to rescind the administrative leave of coach Landdeck through the end of this current boys’ basketball season only,” a statement from the board said. “This decision was not unanimous and in opposition to the superintendent’s recommendation.”

The vote was 4 to 1, with board member Ernie Cerrillo voting no.

“The board believes this decision is in the best interest of our boys’ basketball student athletes at this moment,” the statement said.

Executive Assistant Janet Glanzer said about 50 community members were present during last week’s board meeting, with several voicing their opinions.

“Even though there’s disagreements in our community, it’s still a great school,” Superintendent Steve McCullough said Tuesday morning. The district is “committed every day to helping these kids obtain their highest potential.”

McCullough called the Tigers’ advancement to state tournament an “incredible accomplishment for our kids.”

“My guys went through a ton of adversity this year,” Landdeck said. “I’m super proud of them.”


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