New pharmacy coming to Tonasket

Tonasket Pharmacy is coming to downtown Tonasket.

Tonasket Pharmacy is coming to downtown Tonasket.

TONASKET – A new pharmacy will be opening in Tonasket this coming spring/ summer 2019.

Partners Bob Tomazic and Dinesh Gajjala of Omak Pharmacy and Lakeside Pharmacy, along with Mike and Stephanie Steinman of Lakeside Pharmacy will be bringing their services to at 315 S. Whitcomb Ave.

“With two hospitals and a clinic, Tonasket needs to have a pharmacy,” said Tomazic, who will be the Pharmacist/owner operating the new Tonasket Pharmacy.

Tomazic will work at Lakeside Pharmacy in Oroville this winter, giving him the opportunity to get to know customers from the Tonasket area whom he will soon be able to serve in their own town.

“This will help make an easier transition for those customers who will use the new Tonasket Pharmacy when it opens,” said Stephanie Steinman. “Our goal will be to make the transition as easy as possible for the community of Tonasket.”

The Steinmans and their partners have already earned a reputation for making transactions as easy as possible for their pharmacy customers. Lakeside Pharmacy, which opened last January in Oroville, was voted 'Best Business Overall' in the North County by Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle readers. They offer free delivery and mailing services to all of north Okanogan County, and are available to answer customers' questions.

They also work hard to carry all insurances.

“At this point, we take all of the insurances people have around here,” said Stephanie Steinman. “If we get a new one, we work with the company to carry it. As for our cash prices, we've been told we are often better than others in this area including WalMart, so it is worth checking.”

Stephanie's husband Mike works as the pharmacist in Oroville, and Gajjala works as the pharmacist at Omak Pharmacy.

Lakeside Pharmacy is located at 1117 Main Street in Oroville, and Omak Pharmacy is located at 903 Engh Road in Omak.

Tonasket Pharmacy will be in the former WOW World of Wool store location, in between It's Still Good second-hand store and the West Family Homestead goat milk products store.

“Some remodeling of the building will need to be done first to ensure all requirements for a pharmacy are in place. After the remodeling is done, it will take a couple of months to get all of the the needed licenses and contracts,” said Tomazic. “Our goal is to open the pharmacy as soon as possible to better serve the people of Tonasket.”

“We are excited to bring this new pharmacy to Tonasket and look forward to opening soon!” said Stephanie Steinman.


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