DECISION 2018: Douglas County Commissioner • Position 3

Marc Straub

(Prefers Republican Party)

Age: 49

City/town: Beebe

Why are you the best choice?


Marc Straub

I’m a fiscal conservative who believes strongly that government can and must deliver essential services with an emphasis on doing so in a responsible manner that does not rely on tax increases to do so.

I’m a good listener who is committed to understanding complex, multifaceted issues before making decisions and I have a strong servant’s attitude, committed to serving and representing my fellow citizens with an always-open-door approach.

I’m a no-nonsense, common-sense problem solver who commits to doing my homework before making decisions, and a staunch property rights, small business and farmer/rancher/grower advocate.

What sets you apart from your opponent?

As an executive director for a small business trade association, I’ve spent the last 16 years heavily engaged in public policy at the local level, advocating on behalf of small businesses on land-use, property rights, taxation and other policy issues. I have a firm understanding of the many issues and responsibilities that a county commissioner must address. I currently serve Douglas County as a planning commissioner on the Douglas County Planning Commission, as well as representing the County and taxpayers as a director on the governing board of the Greater Wenatchee Regional Events Center Public Facilities District. I have experience and am ready to hit the ground running!

What is the biggest challenge your district is facing?

In the 3rd District, I believe the biggest challenge we face—aside from the countywide affordable housing crisis—is the growing costs associated with maintaining our rural county roads. Our County has over 1600 miles of roads to maintain, much of which serves as vital infrastructure to our farmers, ranchers and growers. Rural counties like Douglas County continue to be the recipients of unfunded mandates from the State, which place an unfair burden on rural county budgets. As a result, this places road maintenance and other essential services in jeopardy when the State fails to share in the expense of their own mandates. Not acceptable.

Norman (Buck) Tupling

(Prefers Republical Party)


City/town: Mansfield

Why are you the best choice?


No photo provided

I believe I am the best choice first because of my knowledge of my district, second because of my people skills, and finally because my main goal is to represent the people of my district and to help make wise choices for the people of douglas county.

What sets you apart from opponent?

The thing that sets me apart is that I know my district very well, I have lived in the county my entire life and worked in both ends of the county.

What is the biggest challenge your district is facing?

I believe one of the biggest challenges for our district is representation, because of the way our district is it makes it very unique so I believe if elected I can bring representation to the table and knowledge of our district along with many other good qualities.


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