DECISION 2018: State Representative Position 2 • Legislative District 12

Alan Fahnestock

(No Party Preference)

Age: 63

City/town: Winthrop/Mazama

Why are you the best choice?


Alan Fahnestock

I’m the best choice for Position 2, Legislative District 12, because I am a member of no party and am therefore able to serve my constituency without a preconceived agenda or other political baggage. Politics in the US has become far too adversarial, largely preventing bipartisan, reasonable legislation from being adopted, even when there is no obvious ideological reason for opposition. Operating independently, I will be in a position to move legislation through a closely divided legislature.

As it happens, I am also convinced that both major parties have effectively forfeited their “rights” to govern.

What sets you apart from your opponents?

In a word, independence: I neither need nor want a party. I intend to get my information from non-partisan sources, rather from party machines. As a former academic, I’m good at analysis; as a former business executive, I’m good at applying that analysis to real-world situations. I don’t honestly care what people think of me: I’m interested in fixing what needs to be fixed.

In addition, I think I’m probably alone among the candidates in having experienced extreme poverty, addiction, and the associated despair. You don’t forget. I’ve also spent a lot of time overseas, in Japan, Europe, and the former Soviet Union, which may give me, again, a broader perspective.

What is the biggest challenge your district is facing?

District 12’s biggest challenge is the same as that of the country as a whole: socio-economic inequity. Eighty percent of the wealth nation-wide is owned by twenty percent of the population (which, incidentally, includes me). In this respect, the US is in the same league as kleptocracies like Russia, and developing world dictatorships. This is a relatively new development and needs to be reversed. In essence, we need to find a way to re-establish an American middle class, which can only be done by reducing the number of people who are prevented from realizing their potential.

Mike Steele

(Prefers Republican Party)

Age: Not provided

City/town: Not provided

Candidate did not respond to Chronicle questions.

Valerie Sarratt

(Prefers Democratic Party)

Age: Not provided

City/town: Not provided

Candidate did not respond to Chronicle questions.


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