GPS data may resolve wolf issues

Just when you thought the intense discussion over the re-introduction of wolves in Washington state was quieting down, livestock deaths in Stevens County has added fuel to the fire. And the Stevens County Commission has stepped to the forefront of the debate.

Initiative 591, the better measure

Given our rural lifestyles here in North-Central Washington, we believe Initiative 591 is the right choice.

Attend Oct. 1 fish, wildlife session

It’s that time again when you have an opportunity to make sure the “top brass” at the state Department of Fish and Wildlife hear you. The annual Brewster Roundtable is coming up Oct. 1. It’ll run from 6-8:30 p.m. in the Columbia Cove recreation building, 508 W. Cliff Ave., Brewster.

Speak up now on mosquito control

Area residents who want to cut down on bug bites should attend budget meetings

Social media the bane of parenting

Many middle and high school students today consider it a rite of passage to have a Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, MySpace, Twitter or other social media account. My own daughter believes all the “cool” kids have one.

Outlaws may help improve economy

This weekend’s event provides a new, much-needed opportunity for the community to build on. We hope it encourages other “promoters” to try to bring concerts, comedians, sports, religious and other programs and events to Omak.

Success comes from basic studies

How do you measure schools? Which ones produce students who excel? Which ones aren’t making the grade?

County fair to provide safe fun

With so much going on, we’re sure you won’t want to miss this year’s Okanogan County Fair.

Setting an example, the hard way

There’s nothing like an injury to remind you of one of the first things you learn in kindergarten — follow directions.

Allow off-road vehicles in Omak

City officials are smart to consider allowing ATV use

Say 'thank you' through advertising

In the days since the height of the wildfires, we’ve had a few requests from readers to publish thank yous to friends, neighbors, volunteers, firefighters, etc.

Consider beer sale at the fair carefully

Concession could help raise much-needed revenue. It could also impact family atmosphere

Have fun, but steer clear of fire areas

We bring this to the attention of visitors here to celebrate rodeo, horse racing, Jet Ski racing, concerts and fireworks. We’re glad you’re here and glad you choose to celebrate our local customs and cultures with us. And we’re happy to share them with you. That said, we encourage you to stay clear of fire areas.

Pateros shows strength, resiliency

The night was Thursday, July 17. A firestorm was coming, but Pateros residents didn’t know it until it was too late. Before the night was over, about 30 homes in the city and adjacent subdivisions would burn to the ground. Later that night and in the coming days, another 41 homes would burn at Alta Lake and other communities that consider themselves to be part of Pateros.

Rodeo must go on as planned

The community needs a reason to celebrate, if only for a few short days. So let’s kick up our heels and enjoy the greatest show on dirt next week.

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