On the Hot Seat


‘Sagebrush Rebellion’ alive, well

Should the federal government continue to own large tracts of land in western states?

Some lawmakers in D.C. continued to hear from constituents during partial shutdown, others didn't

Democrats shut down communications; Republicans keep lines open

Parks, forests belong to the people

Federal officials shouldn't have blocked access to public lands during partial government shutdown

Chronicle Website updates loom

All businesses must change with the times. And The Chronicle is no exception. Don’t panic. You’re still going to get the award-winning local news coverage, photographs and local advertising that you’re accustomed to. And no, our print edition is not going away anytime soon.

Tell wildlife officials how you feel

Washington state Department of Fish and Wildlife officials’ ears must be burning. Many area residents are talking about catching them in the act of trying to change wolf-kill rules in violation of an agreement made to pass a law giving the agency more money through license plate sales.

Don’t force community service

Two weeks ago, the Tonasket School Board stepped into the debate over whether to require community service to graduate.

Go get a dictionary and look it up

I’m not squeeing much this week after checking out the new words recently added to the dictionary. Oh, you’ve never heard of “squee”? That’s because it’s one of those new buzzworthy words in the Oxford Dictionaries, srsly.

Security issues require review

There’s no doubt that being a security guard is a tough job, especially in places were crowds get drunk and rowdy. But there is a limit to what a security guard can do.

Did ranger exceed his authority?

State law generally prohibits public employees from lobbying for or against proposed laws while on duty.

River programs offer possibilities

The Okanogan River ties the communities of Oroville and Brewster — and all the towns in between — together.

Keep forest roads open, repaired

Nothing irks me more than heading out into the mountains in my four-wheel drive on what was once a wagon trail or logging road only to run into a berm blocking access.

Open forest roads to ATV use, too

It feels like the U.S. Forest Service is trying to do everything in its power to limit the use of public lands.

Chairman change may open door

Kirby Wilbur. He’s somebody you may or may not have heard of. But in recent years, he’s influenced the rural voice of Eastern Washington, even though he didn’t live here.

State shouldn’t ‘rehab’ Spectacle

Like many of you, I enjoy a good day of fishing. Trout, salmon, bass, steelhead, sturgeon, walleye and once in a while, even catfish.

We’re not a societal ‘melting pot’

For more than a year, the media has been fascinated by the story of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

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