On the Hot Seat


Time for FCC censorship to end

I spend a lot of my time in my truck driving to remote locations in our county, racing in out-of-state locales and just traveling to travel. Because of that wanderlust, I tend to listen to radio probably more than most people. So, I have an XFM subscription.

Memorial Day more than time off

This coming week, flags will be flying as Americans remember their war dead. But all too often, Memorial Day devolves into a weekend celebration of camping and fishing, boating and drinking.

Utility needs ratepayer oversight

It seems like only yesterday that the Okanogan County Public Utility District said it had to raise rates in order to stay solvent.

Are parents shirking their duties?

Where are parents in the equation these days? At the federal level, a judge and the Food and Drug Adminstration have ordered that the “morning after pill” be made available to girls as young as 15 years old without parental consent or a prescription.


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