Random Thoughts


Folks can be clueless in dry conditions

Sometimes it’s hard to fathom how people can be so clueless in dry areas during the summer. While we haven’at hd a whole lot of human-caused fires locally so far this year, the potential certainly is there.

T. rex remains a bad boy

I was happy to learn, for the sake of 5-year-old boys everywhere, that Tyrannosaurus rex remains the bad boy of the dinosaur world.

Guard your porch

It’s time to pawn off all those unwanted zucchinis

Every day seems to have a special name attached to it.

Time for summer reading

Chirping cricket brings memories

A few nights ago, we heard a cricket chirping loudly and figured it must’ve gotten in the house somehow.

Youngsters’ recipes are suspect

Children’s taste buds must have changed a lot, even in the past 15 or so years since our son was young.

Stash is still hidden

I have an addiction, but I’ve been able to suppress it for several years without the help of counseling or a 12-step program. Even so, I still have a “stash” in the house, hidden in drawers, plastic tubs, closets and boxes.

Cat’s curiosity leads to sticky situation

Adventures fly with critters let loose

Cats can get into the stickiest situations. Years ago, when I was in junior high or high school, our cat was a great trophy hunter. He’d catch birds, mice, moles, flying squirrels and, occasionally, a weasel.

Graduation season can be bittersweet

Years ago, as I was nearing my own high school graduation, a friend of my mother’s sent me one of those tiny gift books filled with sentimental quotes.

Shelves stay full

It’s yard sale season and even if we don’t manage to get it together enough to have a sale of our own, there should be no excuse for not contributing to someone else’s sale.

Tease photo

Random Thoughts: Caps should be renamed ‘messageboards’

College graduates have elevated mortarboard decorating to a fine art. Last Saturday’s commencement ceremonies at Washington State University gave a glimpse of just how intricately embellished those square caps can become.