Guest commentary


GUEST COLUMN: Would you cast a vote for levy, bond?

Would you cast a yes vote for the upcoming Omak School District levy if you knew we would raise about a million dollars of local money that would be matched by $6 million from the state?

GUEST COLUMN: Personal message from Rep. Newhouse

The last eight weeks have been extremely difficult for my family and for me, personally. My time with my beautiful wife, Carol, is a blessing that I will always cherish.

GUEST COLUMN: Please vote ‘Yes’ for Omak students

My letter to our community is to serve two purposes, first and foremost to encourage our voters to support the current bond effort of the Omak Schools and second, correct misinformation published recently in a letter from Mr. Jim Miller of Omak.

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Consider valid Iranian deal issues

There are valid concerns that need to be considered before approving any deal with Iran

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Canadian ports eating our lunch

The volume of cargo handled at British Columbia’s ports has jumped 46 percent since 2006, while our West Coast traffic grew only 3.8 percent, according to the American Association of Port Authorities. That should be a wake-up call for us and prod our elected officials to act before it is too late and there is no lunch to eat.

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Appreciate your Okanogan County commissioners

Jim DeTro, Sheilah Kennedy and Ray Campbell provide a great example of responsive local government.

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Chinese wine on the table?

Washington vintners better be prepared to compete

As the quality of Chinese wine improves, Washington vintners now need to pay attention to new foreign market.

County hospitals should merge health care

Okanogan County commissioners should continue to demand local hospitals work together to find a way to remain viable while keeping health care services local.

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We need to manage forests better

The Senate should approve the Resilient Federal Forests Act, requiring the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to dramatically improve the health and resiliency of federal forests and rangelands.

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Harvest dead trees in British Columbia

Clearing dead trees and debris from the forest floor reduces the risk of massive wildfires that pump millions of tons of carbon-dioxide into the air.

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Democrats jeopardizing defense

Threatening to block funding for national defense in order to end current budget limits for domestic spending is irresponsible.

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Floyd leaves big shoes to fill at WSU

Being WSU president was not just a job to Elson Floyd, it was a way of life. That’s a tough act to follow.

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Time to revisit Black Rock project

Black Rock could become more than just an irrigation reservoir; it would ease the demand to divert water from the Yakima River for irrigation, leaving more water in the river, which would raise stream flows, which in turn would improve salmon and steelhead habitat.

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Protect seniors, support solutions

"Obamacare" horror stories in Central Washington continue to raise questions about the uncertainty and dramatic cost increases for families and businesses.

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Repeal mandatory labelling rules

The U.S. must play by the rules we agreed to with our biggest trading partners and export markets. Time is running out to avoid the costly penalty of trade sanctions. I’m urging the Senate to repeal mandatory labeling requirements.