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Industry also creates jobs

Gov. Jay Inslee is missing the point with his climate change legislation

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Area neighbors helping neighbors

While the government can make it easier for our food bank system to flourish, the real success is due to the hard work of the individuals who donate and volunteer. We all have the ability to donate our time and resources and be part of neighbors helping neighbors.

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Renew funding for imports

The Ex-Im Bank supports itself through interest payments and fees; no tax money is used.

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Will our ports be ready for big ships?

The big ships are coming. The question is, will they dock in Seattle or Tacoma or head north to Canada or pass us by sailing through the Panama Canal to U.S. ports on the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic seaboard?

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World trade creates jobs

President Obama needs the power to negotiate trade agreements.

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Business taxes matter

Politicians must be mindful of the impact high taxes and other business costs have on the majority of our state. Second, elected officials need to be vigilant — competitors are looking for ways to rob our state of its businesses and jobs.

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Do you think your hospital is safe?

The old model of health care as simply a business of revenue versus expense is inherently flawed, where “revenue” is a sick patient. It certainly cannot be fixed solely by cutting the portion of “expenses” that is the team who cares for the patient. Unless both patients and providers stand up for the community, that is exactly what will continue to happen.

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Why would Kreidler upend AHPs?

Rather than applaud association health plans for providing coverage, Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler is moving against them, stripping people of their coverage. In these uncertain times when the Affordable Care Act is struggling and key parts of it are being challenged in court, that just doesn’t make sense.

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Halting oil trains is not an option

Stopping rail shipments of crude oil and hazardous cargo is not a viable option. It is better to strengthen railroad beds, replace aging track and bridges, enact better safety standards, increase inspections, continue to train emergency responders and invest in new technology and modern equipment.

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Franchises are small businesses

Like the coffee vendor in the lobby of Trump Tower, they’re not global business magnates, they’re small business owners trying to make a living. Seattle politicians should treat them as such.

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Minimum wage hike misses target

If we truly want to help people move up the economic ladder, isn’t it better to provide incentives that reward them for getting the education and skills they’ll need in order to succeed?

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Can Washington avoid water war?

Finding enough clean fresh water is a worldwide challenge as population, food production and industries expand. That’s a long-term issue, but for now, competing interests in our state must find ways to avert what is going on in California.

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We need to keep our ports open

As a farmer, I understand the extent to which Central Washington depends on a steady supply chain to export those goods. The full impact of the port slowdown on future business has yet to be felt, and it will come at a high cost.

Don’t let Ex-Im be political battle

We’re all familiar with car loans and home mortgages. They make it possible for consumers to make major purchases without paying cash up front.

Flag should be protected

June 14th commemorates “Flag Day,” a day when millions of Americans, schools, government buildings, businesses, and grave sites will display the symbol that captures the spirit of American ideals and freedoms – the American flag.

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