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Rules threaten Washington growers

Thanksgiving is a day that we as a nation take time out from our busy lives to gather with family and friends to give thanks for our many blessings. America’s first Thanksgiving celebration is traced to 1621 in Plymouth, Mass.

Give thanks this holiday

It’s human nature to take things for granted. When you’ve always had something, when it’s been around your entire life, it’s only natural to overlook it, to think it will always be there.

Salmon recovery plays a vital role

Although some people may not be aware of it, a significant amount of Northwest residents’ power bills has nothing to do with the generation or delivery of electricity.

Veterans bring assets to employers

The good news is that America is bringing its troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. However, that presents a challenge because a large number of those troops will leave the military upon their return.

Area veterans deserve our support

Every year, Nov. 11 is set aside as a day for Americans to remember and honor veterans of all wars who fought to protect the freedoms we all too often take for granted.

Don’t be confused by bus measure

The Okanogan County Transportation and Nutrition is being confused with the Okanogan County Transit Authority bus line recently placed on the ballot for the general election.

Voters to decide on tax increase

Voters living in the city of Omak will notice Proposition No. 1 on their general election ballots. The measure asks voters about imposing an additional 1/10th of 1 percent on taxable sales in the city. During the 2013 budget process, we came to the harsh realization that we need to reduce our general fund expenditures significantly.

Initiative upholds right to decide

I support Initiative 517 because I am a strong believer in our initiative rights, which our state has had for over a century. Our right to initiative and petition our government is the most important tool we have to push back when government does things we don’t like.

Grow the economy through trade

With one in three jobs in our home state of Washington dependent on trade, there is no question that there is a strong demand across the globe for the top-quality products generated by our farmers, manufacturers and service providers. It also means that our economy is especially reliant on holding our trading partners accountable for fair policies that place U.S. businesses on a level playing field.

Taxpayers are not willing buyers

Why are American taxpayers funding federal, state and private organizations’ land and conservation easement purchases while defunding programs intended for our veterans, children and grandparents?

Constitution stands over centuries

On Sept. 17, 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the United States Constitution at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. This month marks the 226th anniversary of this landmark moment in American history when our founding fathers gathered together to form “a more perfect Union.”

Railroads move America safely

For activists intent on stopping all use of fossil fuel, train safety has become their cause du jour. After all, if you can block transport of fossil fuels, you can choke off their use.

In school, one size doesn’t fit all

It’s that time of year, again. The fun-filled days of summer vacation are drawing to a close and teachers and students across Central Washington are heading back to the classroom for the school year.

Guest Commentary - Wolf rule could break agreement by Aaron Golladay

Washington residents have differing opinions on whether reintroducing wolves to our state is a good idea. But farmers and ranchers being directly affected by wolves chasing and killing livestock are looking for a remedy. If the wolves are going to remain, then real and effective management tools must be made available to landowners allowing them to protect their animals.

Is carbon-dioxide really the target?

Environmental activists claim they want to reduce production of greenhouse gases such as carbon-dioxide. If so, they’re going about it in a very strange way.

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