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What ‘fix’ will the rest of us have?

The newspaper Politico reports that dozens of members of Congress and their staffers are so worried about rising premium costs under the Affordable Care Act that they may quit or retire before the law fully goes into effect Jan. 1.

Gray wolf issue viewed differently

The Chronicle’s June 12 editorial on the federal proposal to take wolves off the list of endangered species could leave readers less informed than if they hadn’t read the paper.

Residents celebrating ‘Old Glory’

June 14 celebrates “Flag Day” – a day when millions of homes, schools, government buildings, businesses, and gravesites across the country will display the most recognized American symbol that captures the spirit of our ideals and freedoms – the American flag.

Congratulations to area graduates

Right now across Central-Washington, caps and gowns are being handed out, well wishes prepared and parties are being planned, as students get ready for graduation. I want to take a moment to recognize the Class of 2013 and congratulate them for their achievements.

Don’t forget meaning of holiday

Many families across Central Washington spent Memorial Day weekend − the unofficial start of the summer vacation season − enjoying the weather outdoors at barbecues, county fairs and on hiking trails.

Little guys’ time is now

There is no doubt that Washington is home to a number of tax incentives, sometimes referred to as “loopholes.”

Impasse caused by taxes, spending

By now, most residents in the 7th District are aware the Legislature has been called back for a special, 30-day session due to disagreement on the state operating budget and the House Democrats’ insistence on a massive tax package.

More time, more money not needed

Once again the Washington state Legislature is in a special session. The word “special” has lost its meaning when it comes to Olympia. This is the seventh special session in four years. Taxpayers are rightly frustrated and disappointed.

The human spirit inspires courage

With a steady stream of bad news stories about maimed soldiers, the Boston Marathon bombing and the house of horrors in Cleveland, it would be natural to despair for the human condition. What defect in the human character allows us to do such things?

Congress moves fast, if it wants to

Air travelers received a bit of good news recently: A bill to put air traffic controllers back to work whisked through the House and Senate and flew into the White House for President Obama’s signature.


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