Albert Libby

Albert H. Libby

October 10, 1912 - March 21, 2013

Albert H. Libby, 100, passed away peacefully Thursday, March 21, 2013, at North Valley Hospital in Tonasket, Wash. He was born Oct. 10, 1912 in Standish, Maine.
He married Elsie, his wife of almost 73 years, on June 30, 1934, and they had four children.
Albert worked as a power hydro operator for an electric power plant in Maine for several years and also owned a farm where he had dairy cows and raised turkeys every year.
He had a very inventive mind, and what he couldn’t get, he made. One of his projects was building a large popup camp trailer; wind the top up and the sides came down. It probably was one of the first ones every made. He used it to move the family to California in 1956 and was in the newspapers all across the country. He invented other things, too. One was an ice cutter for PG&E to use on their canals in the winter in northern California; he received an award for that. He worked for PG&E at a power station down at the American River, in a canyon, near Pollock Pines, Cailf., until he retired.
Albert loved horses. He always had some around, and he loved to ride.
In 1973, he and Elsie moved to Tonasket, and he brought his horses with him. They bought a farm near the Janis Bridge where he grew and sold hay and enjoyed riding in the hills. In 2000, he sold the farm and moved to a smaller place north of Tonasket on River Loop Road. He and Elsie enjoyed watching the bird life on the pond there. They also had the horses, cows and emus around to enjoy, too. Still was life on the farm, just in a smaller place, and as long as he had his tractor and could farm a little, he was happy.
His wife, Elsie, passed away in 2006; and his daughter, Patricia, passed away in 2008. His survivors include his son, David Libby and wife, Roberta, of Durham, Calif.; daughters, Jeannette Mooney, and husband, Gordon, and Linda Cook (husband, Lawson, passed away in 2011) of Tonasket; grandchildren, Kenneth Cook and wife, Jessica, of Buena Vista, Colo., John Shepard and wife, Ann, of Seattle, Wash., Sheri Shepard of Pennsylvania, Kevin Libby and wife, Marta, of Huntingon Beach, Calif., Randy Libby and wife, Patty, of Durham, Calif., and Debbie Carriere of Chico, Calif.; plus all the great-grandchildren, which he loved.
The memorial service for Albert was held Saturday, March 30, 2013, at the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses, officiated by Jim Walker, a special friend of Albert’s. We want to extend a big thank you to Jim; the service was just like dad would have wanted — talk about the Bible truths and what the future holds for our loved ones who have passed away and the comfort it brings to the ones left behind. Albert had been a Jehovah’s Witness since 1963 and was a faithful witness for his God, Jehovah, right to the end. Even at age 100, he took part in the meetings at the Kingdom Hall and still called on people at their homes who were interested in the Bible.
He lived his life in a fine way and set a good example for others.
We want to extend a big thank you to Dr. Helleson for all the years of good care he gave our dad and for being so kind to him. A thank you also to the hospital staff and doctors, too, for the good care of our father during his last days that he spent in the hospital. A thank you, too, to all our friends and family for all their help and encouragement during this difficult time, both for us and our father when he was still in the hospital and after. We really appreciated it, and we love all of you.


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