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Chance Stucker, of Tonasket, lassos a calf in 21.75 seconds during the senior boy’s calf roping at the Tonasket Junior Rodeo on Sunday.

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Galloping good time

Quincy Downey and Bryson Butterfly each earned a saddle for being the all-around winners in peewee/junior divisions at the annual Tonasket Junior Rodeo last weekend. Kaelyn Marchand and Wade Bruemmer won saddles for being winners in intermediate/senior divisions. Chase Nigg was the lone senior boy to ride a bull, scoring a 72. Brent Griffin scored a 62 in bareback for senior boys. In senior girls, Bailey Nachigal scored a 72 for first and Kaelyn Marchand a 63 for second in cow riding. Quincy Downey hung on for a 69 to claim first in peewee girls calf riding. Jadya Taylor scored a 63 and Sage Olmstead a 35. Braeden Signor-McLaughlin scored a 63 to win peewee boys calf-riding. Age group all-around winners are: <strong>Girls</strong> Little People – Rocksie Timentwa, 24 points, first in California stake race, barrel racing and pole bending; second dummy roping; third goat tail untying; fourth mutton busting. 2, Lucchese Ford, 16 points. 3, JayCee Goodwin, 14. Peewee – Quincy Downey, 21 points, first calf riding, goat flanking and barrel racing; second pole bending, California stake race and dummy roping. 2, Sage Olmstead, 18 points. Junior – Karlie Jo Richey, 12 points, first in goat tying and breakaway roping; second in steer daubing; fourth in barrel racing. 2, Abbi Popelier, 7 points. Intermediate – Krista Marchand, 11 points, first in goat tying and breakaway roping; second in steer daubing. 2, Makenly Davis, 10 points. Senior – Kaelyn Marchand, 13 points, first in boat tying and steer daubing; second in cow riding; third in pole bending. 2, Bailey Nachigal, 10 points. 3, Haley Wainright, 8 points. <strong>Boys</strong> Peewee – Bryson Butterfly, 18 points, first in pole bending, California stake race and dummy roping; second in goat flanking and barrel racing. 2, Brier Selvidge, 15 points. 3, Braeden Signor-McLaughlin, 12 points. 4, Diesel Downey, 8 points. Junior – Clay Buchert, 13 points, first in barrel racing and steer daubing; second in pole bending; third in goat tying. 2, Brayden Schmidt, 10 points. 3, Tyler Popelier, 9 points. Intermediate – Wade Bruemmer, 15 points, first in calf stake tying, breakaway roping and steer daubing; second in chute dogging. 2, Dylan Beck, 10 points. Senior – Chance Stucker, 11 points, first in calf roping and steer wrestling; second in chute dogging.

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