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A federal judge has ruled the National Security Agency's collection of domestic telephone records unconstitutional. What do you believe?

It's about time a court rules in favor of the U.S. Constitution 18 votes


The judge overstepped his authority. 0 votes


Mining phone records isn't unconstitutional, it's necessary for our safety 2 votes


Call me when the NSA deletes all the information it gathered 0 votes


This first step wouldn't have been possible without whistleblower Edward Snowden 8 votes


28 total votes


509cougs 4 years, 9 months ago

Thanks for publishing this. The more people understand what the NSA, courts, and congress are doing to destroy the Constitution, the better chance we have of stopping federal tyranny. We must band together and vote every single person out of office, at every level of government, that fails to abide by their oath to defend the Bill of Rights and Constitution.


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