Do you think the issue of wolf management is over-hyped?

No, ranchers have legitimate cause for concern. 67 votes


No, environmentalists are taking proper steps to protect wolves. 85 votes


Maybe, but wolves should be managed by local agencies. 13 votes


Yes, I'm sick of hearing about the big, bad wolves. 37 votes


What wolves? 3 votes


205 total votes


hunter1885 5 years, 2 months ago

No these wolves should have never been brought to the continental US. The original wolf that was native here in our country was named the timber wolf & it was similar in size to a coyote. The Canadian gray wolf has no right being here & I hope the Canadian gray wolf gets permanently delisted so that the states can take control over the wolf population & start issuing hunting permits for them. As soon as hunting permits are issued for the Canadian gray wolf, I will be a definite participate in hunting these damn wolves


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