Bonneville Power Administration has been buying land and giving it to the Colville tribe for fish mitigation. What do you think about that?

Bonneville should not be using ratepayer money to purchase property for the tribe 42 votes


Land purchases are good and the tribe is the best agency to manage fish habitat 55 votes


Bonneville should build fish ladders over dams rather than buying land 13 votes


Electricity would cost less if Bonneville stopped wasting ratepayer money on fish 5 votes


Anything we can do to improve fish habitat is worth the money 29 votes


144 total votes


LYC 4 years, 9 months ago

The questions from this survey are misleading and attempt to sway public opinion against salmon recovery. They take an extremely complicated subject and reduce it to a few emotionally based statements that do not depict reality well at all.

In addition, stop picking on the Colville Tribes. They have every right to attempt to rehabilitate and preserve fish habitat, and have done a great job of developing an extremely strong science-based program.


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