The three hospitals in Okanogan County are unable to operate without financial assistance. To make them solvent, we should:

Merge into a single medical center near Omak with emergency rooms only in Tonasket and Brewster 48 votes


Keep all three hospitals, but cut services to a sustainable financial level 7 votes


Merge administration into a single district, but keep all three hospitals intact 43 votes


Manage all three hospitals for critical-access only, and send other patients elsewhere 2 votes


Let them continue until they file for bankruptcy 3 votes


103 total votes


sethompsllb 4 years, 10 months ago

Fast access to health care for valley residence is a necessity. Maintaining three hospitals spread through the valley is a good idea. Hopefully people see the need to provide financial support even if it requires running a levy to raise the required revenue. It would be helpful to fully understand the financial problems of the current facilities. Is it lack of people with health care? That should be rectified shortly with the ACA implementation. It’s one of the reasons that it was pushed through is to reduce the number of indigents using the hospital without ever paying. The same can be said for people using the hospital for general visit because they cannot be turned away. With the aging population, it seems like these critical care facilities should be supported so we don’t lose folks because they cannot get care in a timely manner because of budget issues. Some things are why we have government. I believe saving lives is one of them.


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