Discover Pass sales for state parks access is falling far short of budget. What do you think of the pass to access publicly owned state parks?

I buy my pass faithfully every year. 16 votes


Why should I pay for access to land we taxpayers own? 46 votes


I pay enough money through boating, hunting, fishing and other licensing fees. 37 votes


I leave my vehicle outside state parks and walk in. 2 votes


I quit going to areas requiring the pass. 32 votes


133 total votes


likele2000 5 years ago

Where's the value in having a Discovery Pass at $35 is you visit a park less than 4 times a year? We purchase an annual pass every year because we use the campgrounds often and feel we should pay for what we use and enjoy. It doesn't make sense to not charge the $10 day pass fee for each day of camping for campers that do not have a Discovery Pass. More revenue can be made by charging the daily "park use" fee when using a campsite at a state campground. This fee would encourage campers to buy an annual Discovery Pass.


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