Oroville School District is considering a policy that would allow staff to carry firearms on campus. How do you feel about that?

Protect our children. Arm the teachers 153 votes


Guns don't belong in gun-free school zones 48 votes


Don't have children and don't care 7 votes


Hire armed security instead 52 votes


I don't have enough information to decide 25 votes


285 total votes


bullinski 3 years, 5 months ago

I hope that they also will be partnering with local law enforcement or someone to provide training for the teachers if they arm them. I see arming the teachers as the best option out of those listed.

I do think that hiring armed guards would be an acceptable alternative though in our area I don't know of a lot of places that would be able to provide what I consider the necessary level of training, short of local law enforcement doing the training, or bringing in a contractor to do the training in a simulated environment.

I am glad to see that one of the school districts is actually taking safety seriously in light of the recent school shootings and attacks on our soil.


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