The federal government and Conconully Lake Resort concessionaire are at an impass over closing the resort. What do you think should happen?

The concessionaire knew the terms of the lease when he took over. He should voluntarily leave. 6 votes


Conconully needs the resort open. The Bureau of Reclamation should allow the concessionaire to stay. 6 votes


This is an emotionallly charged impasse. It should go to mediation. 2 votes


The concessionaire is occupying the resort in violation of a contract. The Bureau of Reclamation should follow eviction protocol. 12 votes


26 total votes


Donna 3 years, 5 months ago

In 2006, I was the operator in possession of the Conconully Lake Resort under a lease option agreement with the prior concessionaire, which we did not proceed with. One of the primary reasons we did not proceed was that we could not get a new lease agreement with the Bureau. They gave us many excuses, but never even intimated that they wanted to deny a lease for the land. Note that the Bureau only owns the land, not the buildings, or at least that is what the old lease documents said. Are any other lake resort concessionaires having this type of issue? Or has the gov decided to pick on just this one resort. Given this issue now, I am glad we did not stay. but I come down soundly on the side of the Resort operator.


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