Omak has obtained an injunction to keep a state-licensed marijuana store from opening. How do you feel about that?

Let the store open 184 votes


Keep it closed 109 votes


Marijuana is legal here, so why waste tax dollars on court? 193 votes


I don't care either way — I don't do marijuana 22 votes


508 total votes


that1guy 3 years, 8 months ago

When I am in Omak I give away marijauna. I give it to anyone who asks that appears of legal age.


ANGELEE07 3 years, 8 months ago

What will they do if they don't have a way to criminalize to segregate people anymore? Pot charges have ruined thousands of lives. It has been time for a change for a long time. It came to a point in life the young against the old. When will it stop? Get off your high horse and let the people have what they voted for. Communism ? This has nothing to do with children going in there to buy weed. It has to do with people trying to control other people and make them live up to their standards. Funny thing is behind most of those perfect doors is nothing but chaos and that's why they like to create so much for others. Not everyone wants to same line as others. and you just cant make them. Are they forgetting the huge taxes they could receive. They should be embracing any business that actually has a chance to have a lucrative one.


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