GloWenatchee 4 years, 4 months ago on 75 representatives, senators call for full delisting of gray wolf

This is half baked and non scientific. Do any of you remember how many Mom's, Dad's, and families died hitting all the deer and elk that were overpopulating before we listed the gray wolf as an endangered species? I do, and there were deaths all year round. The gray wolf has kept those populations in check. The livestock problems have happened since hunting has been allowed and we've ended up killing the older members of these packs so that juveniles who don't have hunting experience have gone to find food in the wrong places. The number of gray wolves in the lower 48 is less than the population of Tigers in the world and they are on the endangered species list. This is all being funded by the Koch Brothers via the NRA and it's garbage. States are not managing the wolf population well at all. Look at some of these trophy hunting web pages... they post pictures of men in white sheet hoods, posing with their rifles and a poor mangled wolf they've shot. They're baiting throughout the year to make it easier to kill them, they're using poison, they even want to use dogs to hunt them. The alpha male and female mate for life. When the pack becomes too populated they kick out those members and handle their own overpopulation. When you destroy a pack/family like this, you take with it valuable genetic information from that pack. The equivalent of taking out an aunt, uncle, and a couple of brothers or sisters out of your family. These are not hunters, these are killers. They kill for killing sake. I hunt for food for my family. I don't just shoot deer to kill them, nor do I fish when my freezer is full of fish. Doc, I disagree with about 75% of what you propose, and same with your female counterpart up here... you guys are so awfully wrong. Why not get a book and actually do some real research on wolves like I have, and like many have and quit listening to those "lobbyists" who fund your campaigns!